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The Complete List of Internet Providers in the U.S.

Citizens Telephone Sowega13,0441100+ mbps
Pointe Wireless13,01010.7+ mbps
Central Cellular/COTC Connections13,00510.7+ mbps
Middleburgh Telephone Company12,9871100+ mbps
Lake Livingston Telephone Company12,91113.0+ mbps
TV Cable of Grayson County12,8391
Alaska Power & Telephone12,79016.0+ mbps
BitWind Communications12,7701
Western Iowa Networks12,6601
DQE Communications12,6401
WaveDirect12,6331100+ mbps
WideRange Broadband12,6161
IGL TeleConnect12,6112
CP-Tel Network Services12,5841
TCT West12,5812
Brazoria Telephone Company12,5641
Chesnee Communictions12,55816.0+ mbps
Comspan Communications12,5381
Race Communications12,5331
Montana Opticom12,5262
Lebanon Utilities12,4631
SyncGobal Telecom12,4573
Country Road Networks12,4461100+ mbps
RT Communications12,4451
Airpeak Wireless12,43110.7+ mbps
TVN12,42313.0+ mbps
NetWireless Solutions12,3851
Lycom Communications12,3512
Redbird Internet Services12,29816.0+ mbps
Green Hills Technologies12,28013.0+ mbps
Upward Access12,2741100+ mbps
DataBit Solutions12,20310.2+ mbps
Federated Telephone Cooperative12,1921
XIT Communications12,1551
1 Touch Technology Solutions12,1521
World Wide Gap12,0881
Sunrise Communications12,05610.7+ mbps
Argent Communications11,97316.0+ mbps
Softek11,95110.7+ mbps
OmniTel Communications11,9501
Inside Connect Cable11,9482
MoKan Dial11,9212
2Geton Net11,91610.2+ mbps
Darien Communications11,9131
Spencer Municipal Utilities11,9081
Stellar Computing11,88810.7+ mbps
Clear Creek Mutual Telephone Company11,79216.0+ mbps
Brazos WiFi11,7751
Walnut Hill Telephone Co11,7221
Fibernet Monticello11,6631
Oregon Online11,661150+ mbps
BroadTech Inc11,624110+ mbps
PeoplesNet Wireless11,60310.7+ mbps
Big Sandy Broadband11,5691
Sandwich Isles Communications11,5091
Parish Communications11,5021
West Carolina Tel11,5001
Ozark Computers11,4741
Cavenet11,43810.7+ mbps
City of LaGrange11,4291
Mid Century Telephone Cooperative11,4161100+ mbps
Cottage Grove Wifi11,36716.0+ mbps
City Light Gas & Water Office11,2661
Carolina Mountain Cablevision11,241225+ mbps
Mojave WiFi11,1891
Wellman Cooperative Telephone Association11,0931100+ mbps
Franklin Electric Plant Board FiberNET11,0281100+ mbps
Eastern Slope Rural Telephone Association11,0211
Alliance Communications Network11,0111
Irvine Community Television10,9561
Falcon110,93811.5+ mbps
Tel-Star Cablevision10,9101
Bloomingdale Communications10,9091
4SIWI10,891110+ mbps
Hamilton Communications10,8891
ICS Advanced Technologies10,88120.7+ mbps
Lighthouse.Net10,84510.7+ mbps
Tennessee Wireless10,7511
TriCounty Telecom10,7131
Pembroke Telephone Company10,7001
FreedomNet Solutions10,7001
Tri-County Telephone Association10,6931
Otelco Mid-Missouri10,66316.0+ mbps
Amherst Telephone Company10,6321
Roggen Telephone Enterprises10,630325+ mbps
Plumas Sierra Telecommunications10,6291
MTE Communications10,6152
Mark Twain Communications10,579110+ mbps
Totah Communications10,54320.7+ mbps
BTC Multimedia10,5301

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