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The Complete List of Internet Providers in the U.S.

Superior Inet5,55710.7+ mbps
Southern Cayuga County Cablevision5,54910.2+ mbps
Kentec Communications5,5181
Peak Internet CO5,4991
Cooperative Telephone Company5,4871100+ mbps
Moundville Telephone Company5,4591
Pineville Telephone Company5,4521
Industry Telephone Company5,4421100+ mbps
High Desert Air5,43613.0+ mbps
Delhi Telephone5,4331
West River Cooperative Telephone Company5,4183100+ mbps
Brooklyn Mutual Telecommunications Cooperative5,3961100+ mbps
Eastern Cable Corp5,39510.2+ mbps
Farmers Mutual Telephone Company of Jesup Iowa5,37716.0+ mbps
Red Spectrum Communication5,3741
Granby Telephone Company5,3651
Back 40 Wireless5,36111,000+ mbps
Monroe Telephone5,33116.0+ mbps
Jefferson Telephone Company5,31913.0+ mbps
West Side Telecommunications5,31326.0+ mbps
Alpine Communications5,2931
Oklatel Communications5,2911100+ mbps
Blue Mountain Digital5,2881
St. Maries Gazette Record5,26110.7+ mbps
RMA Broadband & Cable TV5,2571
Cap Rock Telephone Cooperative5,2391
Manawa Telephone Company5,22516.0+ mbps
Citizens Telephone Cooperative5,2111
Clear Lake Independent Telephone Company5,2011
The Community Agency (TCA)5,1841
PowerNet5,15616.0+ mbps
Coon Valley Cooperative Telephone5,15616.0+ mbps
Interlync Internet Sevices5,1501
Van Buren Telephone Company5,1481
Arrowhead Electric Cooperative Inc5,1351
H&B Communications5,1171
Beggs Telephone Company5,1091
North Branch Networks5,08216.0+ mbps
Coon Creek Telecommunications5,0621100+ mbps
Missouri Telecom5,0251100+ mbps
Hopi Telecommunications4,98610.7+ mbps
Benton County Cable4,95810.7+ mbps
Pine Telephone Company4,9451
Pioneer Broadband4,9451
Bridge Point Communication4,9421
Harlan Municipal Utilities4,9231
Convergence Technologies4,9172
Dixon Telephone Company4,90410.7+ mbps
Albion Telephone Company4,8301
Peak WiFi4,8101
RC Technologies4,8033
360 Communications4,7982100+ mbps
SCC Networks4,7901
Mt. Wheeler Power4,7721
Dalton Telephone4,7431100+ mbps
Lost Nation - Elwood Telephone Company4,7421
Southern Vermont Cable Company4,7301
City of Philippi4,7211
Lackawaxen Telephone Co4,7201100+ mbps
Inter-Community Telephone Company4,7141
Wilderness Wireless4,6661
Custer Telephone Broadband Services4,6591
Interstate Communications4,6451
La Porte City Telephone Company4,64510.7+ mbps
Landmark Electronics4,64216.0+ mbps
PUD Pacific4,6111
Monarc Technologies4,6011
Community Digital Wireless4,589150+ mbps
Lennon Telephone Company4,5711
Negaunee Cable Company4,5681100+ mbps
Reveille Broadband4,55810.7+ mbps
Pierce Telephone Co4,555125+ mbps
Mechanicsville Telephone Company4,5391100+ mbps
Westex Telecom4,5381
Southern Tier Wireless4,5001100+ mbps
Walnut Communications4,4601
Lipan Telephone Company4,4571100+ mbps
upnorthcable.com4,4551100+ mbps
Lakefield Telephone Company4,45410.7+ mbps
Williamstown Broadband4,4481
Minnesota Valley Telephone Company4,4391
Global Net4,4311
Le-Ru Telephone Company4,42910.7+ mbps
Southwest Texas Telephone Company4,4241
Barnesville Municipal Telephone4,4181
Hospitality Wireless4,4101
Mid-Plains Rural Telephone Cooperative4,4011
Hickory Telephone Company4,3931
Wireless Data Net4,3861
Twin Mounds4,38410.7+ mbps
Cityless Internet Services LLC4,3671100+ mbps
Minerva Valley Telephone Company4,3241100+ mbps

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