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The Complete List of Internet Providers in the U.S.

ZipLink Internet.com1,462,8861
Internet Nebraska Corporation1,386,7761
Harbor Communications1,371,6382
ProTronics Technologies1,370,83316.0+ mbps
Google Fiber1,334,5315
Texas Wireless Internet1,329,34210.7+ mbps
Rock Solid Internet & Telephone1,279,7681100+ mbps
Hawaiian Telcom1,235,5771
MOBI PCS1,229,2721
Vector Data Systems1,209,9072
Blast Communications1,194,17216.0+ mbps
Sinlar Broadband1,191,08310.7+ mbps
Silver Star Telecom1,168,2411
Atlantic Broadband1,153,98020
Surf Air Wireless1,149,0683
Consolidated Communications1,142,2347
SafeLink Internet1,123,2504
Transwave Communications Systems1,122,9791
Grande Communications1,100,5241
Future Technologies1,093,4652
California Broadband Services1,057,3601
North Coast Wireless Communications1,056,5851
Viaero Wireless1,055,2022100+ mbps
Cibola Wireless1,054,4581
Argon Technologies1,031,0051
Simply Bits1,010,864125+ mbps
Michwave Technologies994,02810.7+ mbps
Service Electric Broadband Cable969,1002
Cincinnati Bell944,4933
Bluegrass Cellular936,9431100+ mbps
NMSURF.COM931,43916.0+ mbps
Future Link IT921,55516.0+ mbps
ACD.net904,0731100+ mbps
Earthlink892,17610.7+ mbps
Bresco Broadband881,4161
Air Advantage865,02713.0+ mbps
MetaLINK Technologies863,0143100+ mbps
Vivint Wireless856,6952
Bertram Communications845,38010.7+ mbps
NYSYS airAccess842,17216.0+ mbps
Birch Communications808,69644
Tekfinity802,4642100+ mbps
Huntleigh Technology Group800,6471
Alamo Broadband797,8731
Hudson Valley Wireless795,2163
Vista Broadband Networks788,1591
Sprocket Wireless783,1441100+ mbps
ClearSKY Systems780,5551
Newwave Communications768,7917
Fire2Wire762,30416.0+ mbps
Alternative Choice Wireless752,4201
Indiana Fiber Network736,1041
Connext735,9561100+ mbps
Atlas Broadband719,57410.7+ mbps
MetroCast Communications718,2007
Intelligent Computing Solutions710,5071100+ mbps
Windstream Business698,60320
Cyber Broadcasting682,4291
GVEC.net665,87616.0+ mbps
Fuego Wireless662,14920.7+ mbps
Kellin Communications653,7251
Advanced Technology Group631,2702
Vyve Broadband623,22610
Blue Ridge Communications616,3081
Telegia Communications606,8564
Integra Telecom594,25711
Valley Internet590,0871
Raw Bandwidth Communications588,2151
All Points Broadband565,3603
GCI Communication555,3711
Appalachian Wireless552,1611100+ mbps
Buckeye CableSystem549,1232
Desert Winds Wireless542,7051
PocketiNet Communications542,08520.7+ mbps
Florida Broadband537,34110.7+ mbps
Pioneer Telephone Cooperative526,1971100+ mbps
Midwest Telecom of America522,8501
Texas Communications521,6431
KC Coyote515,9121100+ mbps
Sky Fiber515,1341100+ mbps
PEAK Internet514,97416.0+ mbps
Alyrica Networks, Inc.509,7841
CNY Wireless507,3361100+ mbps
En-Touch Systems503,3081
Choice NTUA Wireless502,7123100+ mbps
Northland Communications493,9538

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