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Cable Internet In the United States


When it comes to residential internet in the United States, cable is one of the most common forms of access, currently covering over 194 million Americans.

While plans and speeds vary tremendously between areas, all cable service is provided through coaxial cable (the same stuff that traditional analog TV service was provided) to deliver fast and reliable “last mile” internet access to consumers.

According to industry reports, the latest cable technology, DOCSIS 3.0 has been deployed to 85% of households and is capable of download speeds faster than 100 Mbps.

For more details about the number of providers and what communities they serve, we've compiled a full list of a every provider offering cable service in the United States.

Should You Get Cable Internet Service?

If you don’t have access to fiber optic internet in your area, cable internet service may be your best bet for a fast reliable internet connection.

Just make sure to research your cable provider first to understand their reputations with regards to customer service, data caps, and billing transparency.


Large Coverage Area

Because cable internet services leverage the existing infrastructure there is wide coverage cross the continental United States and is a great solution for reliable wired broadband access.

Relatively Fast Speeds

With the latest versions of DOCSIS 3.0 and beyond cable internet is a good solution for delivering fast download and upload speeds that will support most consumer needs.

Low Latency

Cable internet has a much lower latency than other service types allowing for a faster “round trip” of data making the connection much faster than other alternatives such as fixed wireless or satellite.


Electrical Based

Since cable technology uses electrical currents to transmit data the bandwidth capabilities and future usefulness of coaxial cables will be pale in comparison to those of fiber optic connections.

Limited Providers

Due to the cost of creating a coaxial infrastructure many areas only have access to one cable provider leaving customers with limited selection of services.

How it Works

While much of the backbone of the internet is built via fiber optic connections, but internet service providers often use less expensive or pre-existing lines such as cable TV lines or telephone lines in the case of DSL service to solve the “last mile” problem of deliver the final internet connection to customers.

Because most US homes are already wired to receive cable, cable internet is one of the most common of these “last mile” technologies.

In order to supply, reliable broadband to a region, cable providers generally place central hubs within a hundred mile radius of the area they service.

From the hub, they run data down the existing TV infrastructure to the consumer’s home where a cable modem makes sense of the data.

Cable Performance

According to a 2013 report by the FCC, cable service providers deliver 99% of their advertised speeds, though some companies did provide less than that number.

Furthermore, the 2013 report showed that overall the cable industry offers services with relatively low latency (26ms), a key factor in how fast an internet connection performs and how fast it "feels."

Largest Cable Providers

XFINITY from Comcast
33.78% Coverage
Comcast Business
33.70% Coverage
Time Warner Cable
20.16% Coverage
Charter Spectrum
8.49% Coverage
Cox Communications
6.48% Coverage
Optimum by Cablevision
3.77% Coverage
Bright House Networks
2.61% Coverage

States with the most Cable coverage

98.6% Coverage
New Jersey
98.5% Coverage
District of Columbia
98.1% Coverage
New York
97.4% Coverage
Rhode Island
97.3% Coverage
96.9% Coverage
96.2% Coverage

Cable Providers: Availabilty by State

Alabama3,422,77069.7%36 Cable Providers
Alaska592,43879.1%7 Cable Providers
American Samoa35,02464.3%1 Cable Providers
Arizona5,777,30784.2%22 Cable Providers
Arkansas2,110,37870.0%32 Cable Providers
California36,310,36693.9%40 Cable Providers
Colorado4,569,22085.7%21 Cable Providers
Connecticut3,578,54098.6%14 Cable Providers
Delaware902,00295.8%7 Cable Providers
District of Columbia612,53998.1%7 Cable Providers
Florida18,056,75090.8%26 Cable Providers
Georgia8,771,99385.4%46 Cable Providers
Guam154,87396.2%1 Cable Providers
Hawaii1,361,78295.9%3 Cable Providers
Idaho1,303,75578.0%20 Cable Providers
Illinois11,809,57490.9%32 Cable Providers
Indiana5,409,30981.5%19 Cable Providers
Iowa2,319,47874.8%52 Cable Providers
Kansas2,330,78079.7%37 Cable Providers
Kentucky3,432,28476.9%39 Cable Providers
Louisiana3,880,08684.5%27 Cable Providers
Maine1,168,24986.9%10 Cable Providers
Maryland5,627,42694.3%26 Cable Providers
Massachusetts6,430,95196.9%17 Cable Providers
Michigan8,704,07788.4%44 Cable Providers
Minnesota4,439,39481.3%25 Cable Providers
Mississippi1,960,73765.0%23 Cable Providers
Missouri4,734,63477.2%36 Cable Providers
Montana662,92764.7%9 Cable Providers
Nebraska1,476,13178.6%27 Cable Providers
Nevada2,679,67891.2%15 Cable Providers
New Hampshire1,250,73393.3%11 Cable Providers
New Jersey8,794,40398.5%16 Cable Providers
New Mexico1,597,27273.9%12 Cable Providers
New York19,064,46697.4%30 Cable Providers
North Carolina9,078,27989.7%34 Cable Providers
North Dakota466,97667.4%10 Cable Providers
Northern Mariana Islands34,60967.3%1 Cable Providers
Ohio10,734,47692.6%44 Cable Providers
Oklahoma2,790,59571.8%19 Cable Providers
Oregon3,462,00286.6%23 Cable Providers
Pennsylvania11,965,01992.9%41 Cable Providers
Puerto Rico2,143,94159.2%3 Cable Providers
Rhode Island1,021,97297.3%7 Cable Providers
South Carolina4,145,22185.1%26 Cable Providers
South Dakota578,63568.7%10 Cable Providers
Tennessee5,658,44385.6%33 Cable Providers
Texas22,849,68684.7%55 Cable Providers
Utah2,628,22788.1%14 Cable Providers
Vermont512,90581.3%12 Cable Providers
Virgin Islands42,71741.1%1 Cable Providers
Virginia7,285,28987.0%25 Cable Providers
Washington6,382,75190.2%29 Cable Providers
West Virginia1,347,06071.9%27 Cable Providers
Wisconsin4,819,96383.0%26 Cable Providers
Wyoming426,49472.1%7 Cable Providers
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