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Fixed Wireless Broadband Providers in the USA

On-Ramp Indiana689,9061100+ mbps
Cyber Broadcasting682,4291
GVEC.net665,87616.0+ mbps
Fuego Wireless662,14920.7+ mbps
Kellin Communications653,7251
Advanced Technology Group631,2702
Peak Internet CO608,0931100+ mbps
Telegia Communications606,8564
Valley Internet590,0871
All Points Broadband565,3603
SawNet555,94420.7+ mbps
Desert Winds Wireless542,7051
PocketiNet Communications542,08520.7+ mbps
Florida Broadband537,34110.7+ mbps
Midwest Telecom of America522,8501
Texas Communications521,6431
KC Coyote515,9121100+ mbps
Sky Fiber515,1341100+ mbps
PEAK Internet514,97416.0+ mbps
Alyrica Networks, Inc.509,7841
CNY Wireless507,3361100+ mbps
Preferred Networks490,2881100+ mbps
High Desert Internet Services480,1101
SkyWeb Networks474,51910.7+ mbps
OnlineNW474,38711,000+ mbps
Tekify Broadband470,3641
Amplex Wireless452,7371100+ mbps
Casair444,6371100+ mbps
CitEscape High Speed Internet440,8621100+ mbps
Mobius Internet440,1711
iWispr.Net439,1011100+ mbps
KanOkla Networks436,18626.0+ mbps
Odessa Office Equipment434,0981
Tri-County Wireless432,66110.7+ mbps
Internet Communications432,1471
New Wave Net Corp426,0581100+ mbps
PowerNet Global418,7942
Wind Wireless413,9981
Dlux Information Systems411,4541
Prestige Broadband405,9871
AwesomeNet404,41810.7+ mbps
Air Speed Internet402,95810.7+ mbps
Mango Bay Internet391,46910.7+ mbps
USI Wireless390,04416.0+ mbps
Azulstar387,35810.7+ mbps
Fastbytes Wireless382,9501
Viser381,1081100+ mbps
XL Broadband378,8172
Planet Connect376,22910.7+ mbps
GTEK Communications374,3921
Noroc Broadband369,79116.0+ mbps
Port Networks369,5621
Single Digits362,8201
OACY TECHNOLOGY361,891125+ mbps
Xtratyme Technologies355,4811100+ mbps
West Central Net355,37011.5+ mbps
ULink LLC355,2121
PCI Broadband353,5271
Rocket Communications351,6351100+ mbps
RedZone Wireless349,3751
CAWinet349,2001100+ mbps
LTD Broadband348,7961
Wonderwave Wireless343,6102100+ mbps
Advanced Broadband335,56610.7+ mbps
Network Business Systems334,51116.0+ mbps
Avant Wireless334,32216.0+ mbps
Succeed.Net330,4111100+ mbps
Micrologic328,19916.0+ mbps
PWR-net321,48610.7+ mbps
CT Communications Inc320,14410.7+ mbps
Nocsta Corporation315,31516.0+ mbps
Texas Broadband315,11310.7+ mbps
Basin Broadband310,63316.0+ mbps
MVTV Wireless307,98833.0+ mbps
NITCO305,3091100+ mbps
Globalvision304,09816.0+ mbps
Umpqua Broadband303,3641100+ mbps
Sitco303,24610.7+ mbps
I-2000292,13216.0+ mbps
Skynet Country291,3181
Illinois Electric Cooperative290,24316.0+ mbps
McHenryCom Co.285,88910.7+ mbps
Broadband Corp284,1101
IdahoWiFi277,7011100+ mbps
NetWest Online277,64310.7+ mbps
Great Basin Internet Services275,0151

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