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Fixed Wireless Broadband Providers in the USA

CMS Internet274,4101
SOS Communications273,55016.0+ mbps
Heavenwire.net269,89523.0+ mbps
WIFI Midwest254,6272100+ mbps
Hometown Cable Company249,37610.7+ mbps
Central Link Broadband245,5201
RAA Services240,96710.7+ mbps
WesTex Connect238,6891
Sumner Communications234,77811.5+ mbps
HierComm Networks, LLC232,5641100+ mbps
Next-Level Technology Partners228,4511100+ mbps
Jersey Shore Wireless227,69916.0+ mbps
Columbia Energy226,4302100+ mbps
TriParish225,7171100+ mbps
DigitalPath225,2481100+ mbps
Yellowknife Wireless Company, Llc223,7001100+ mbps
Radio Communications Service221,6382100+ mbps
Q Wireless219,88626.0+ mbps
Heartland Cable217,9191
Digital Passage216,98410.7+ mbps
Amarillo Wireless215,54716.0+ mbps
Prairie Wind LLC214,6001
Stephouse Networks213,8882
Speed of Light Broadband212,7351
Clarity Connect212,7082
North Carolina Wireless212,0661100+ mbps
Black Sheep Computing Inc211,3261
Affordable Internet Solutions208,8621100+ mbps
Cherry Capital Connection207,4231
Cox Wireless205,2941100+ mbps
TCT West203,72426.0+ mbps
BendBroadband202,81016.0+ mbps
VGI Technology200,9791
CEO Communications200,3631
Monster Broadband199,02916.0+ mbps
Harrisonville Telephone Company198,7151
DCTexas Internet198,330125+ mbps
Radio Link Internet196,4111
Autophone of Laredo196,3261100+ mbps
IndianValley.com196,2931100+ mbps
AirLink Internet Services195,7331100+ mbps
Wyoming.com194,7441100+ mbps
Mo-Ark Communications193,17220.7+ mbps
Neighborhood ISP191,6431
5G Mesh191,51310.7+ mbps
Borealis Broadband189,2941
ECTISP188,85710.7+ mbps
Vision Wireless Communications187,3431100+ mbps
Velocity Communications186,73516.0+ mbps
Fulair Wireless186,27010.7+ mbps
Cloudnet Inc.186,1451
Hillbilly Wireless184,8813100+ mbps
AWI Networks184,7382
101 Netlink181,1781
Montana Internet Corporation178,9151
Skyrunner178,7082100+ mbps
Gower Net177,24610.2+ mbps
The Computer Works176,0912
Webformix Company175,2761
ConnectGRADD174,14416.0+ mbps
Cascade Networks174,10920.7+ mbps
Pinnacle Network Solutions173,5662100+ mbps
Diode Communications173,3652
Midwest Mobile Radio Service172,67421.5+ mbps
Community Wireless Of Charlestown172,4921100+ mbps
TISD172,4121100+ mbps
Electronics Service Co170,7782100+ mbps
Pathway Communications170,2841
East Texas DSL169,89610.7+ mbps
Noize Communications LLC169,8781
Stratos Networks169,5101100+ mbps
BPS Networks168,6383100+ mbps
Open Air Wireless167,1291100+ mbps
AMA Techtel166,72816.0+ mbps
PrineTIME Internet Solutions166,0041100+ mbps
X1 Communications165,7091
Genesis Wireless165,11110.7+ mbps
Ridgewood Cable164,63310.7+ mbps
SECOM164,4011100+ mbps
ProValue.Net162,7911100+ mbps
Whiz To Coho161,9871
First Step Internet160,646225+ mbps
Michiana Supernet156,19610.7+ mbps
LiveWire Networks155,8491100+ mbps

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