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Fixed Wireless Broadband Providers in the USA

Mountain Broadband21,4981100+ mbps
iGo Technology21,4711
PC Internet21,4121100+ mbps
Louisiana Competitive Telecommunications21,3851
Mille Lacs Energy Cooperative21,22210.7+ mbps
Vergennes Broadband21,2171100+ mbps
Lola Wireless21,1731
Media Cast21,0931
Acentek20,8922100+ mbps
Maximum Broadband20,87216.0+ mbps
Colorado Central Telecom20,7531
SandPrairie Wireless20,68051.5+ mbps
Wireless Hometown Internet20,6211
Infobahn Outfitters20,6191
City of Port Angeles20,6111100+ mbps
GMN Broadband20,54720.2+ mbps
New Era Broadband20,53816.0+ mbps
Nexus Systems20,37833.0+ mbps
Eastern Colorado Independent Networks20,3511
Yucca Telecom20,19811.5+ mbps
Hallettsville Communications20,04110.2+ mbps
Foundation Telecommunications19,9701
Multi-Path Networks19,8841
Starnet19,863210+ mbps
Northern Indiana Technologies19,8471
Zoom Broadband19,7925100+ mbps
QHP Internet LLC19,74710.7+ mbps
YHTI19,74310.2+ mbps
BEH Communications19,720110+ mbps
Skywerx Industries19,6491
Rural Texas Broadband19,6341100+ mbps
Benton Communications19,51410.7+ mbps
A Better Wireless19,4711
Deep East Texas Communications19,4381100+ mbps
InvisiMax19,4002100+ mbps
BWTelcom19,22316.0+ mbps
Santa Rosa Telephone Cooperative19,22116.0+ mbps
Warwick Broadband Service19,2151
Nedernet19,20816.0+ mbps
TXOL Internet19,18410.7+ mbps
Wireless LINC19,1712100+ mbps
Starwire Technologies18,90010.7+ mbps
RS Air18,8751
Airplexus, Inc.18,7471
Ellerbe Telephone Company18,41516.0+ mbps
In the Stix Broadband18,2593
Mobius Communications Company18,1641100+ mbps
Bakken Wireless18,1021
UUI Internet18,02416.0+ mbps
Double Dog17,9111
Minburn Communications17,5131100+ mbps
Dnet Internet Services17,4451100+ mbps
CIS Wireless Broadband17,2831
GOCO Wireless, Inc.17,1581
Heart of Iowa Communications Cooperative16,9571
The Community Agency (TCA)16,8941
NEIT16,841250+ mbps
Gaslight Media16,79716.0+ mbps
Red River Communications16,705225+ mbps
Alsat Wireless16,6321
Skywave Wireless16,58211.5+ mbps
Chatham Wireless16,5421100+ mbps
BissoWireless16,50116.0+ mbps
Tennessee Wireless16,3961
StratusWave Communications16,37933.0+ mbps
Integrated Networks16,1631
LAT16,0721100+ mbps
Jaguar Communications15,98610.7+ mbps
FTC15,98311.5+ mbps
Rowe Internet15,9621
Mutual Telecommunications15,82713.0+ mbps
Viola Communications15,7451
Horton TV and Electronics15,6671
Bspeedy Wireless15,6561
Five Area Systems15,6501100+ mbps
Impulse Internet Services15,63410.7+ mbps
BartNet IP15,622125+ mbps
Firewire Internet15,4091
Polar Communications15,40413.0+ mbps
Data Technology Internet Service Provider15,4001
Web-Access Broadband15,3081
Grand Mound Communications15,16023.0+ mbps
WestPAnet15,00610.7+ mbps
San Isabel Telecom14,97510.7+ mbps
ABG Wireless14,7922
EPB Smartnet14,7541
Freedom Broadband14,7311100+ mbps
Microtek-Solutions14,61110.2+ mbps
OregonFAST.net14,5781100+ mbps
Grand County Internet Services14,57316.0+ mbps
AirNorth14,50516.0+ mbps

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