The Complete List of Internet Providers in the US

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Internet Providers in the U.S.

We've found 2655 internet service providers in the US. Below are statistics on their coverage and download speeds. Enter your zip code above to see which internet providers offer service in your area.

Highland Telephone Cooperative1,71916.0 mbps
Countrywide Wireless1,714115 mbps
Deltaland.net1,7111100 mbps
Waldron Telephone Company1,710110 mbps
Union Telephone Company1,7021100 mbps
Crosslake Communications1,698120 mbps
Sac County Mutual Telephone Company1,697130 mbps
Prodigi1,69111000 mbps
Swayzee Communications1,68115.0 mbps
Roome Telecommunications1,680110 mbps
Ax-S-Anywhere1,67618.0 mbps
Peace Valley Telephone1,67516.0 mbps
North English Cooperative Telephone Company1,667115 mbps
Mainstay Communications1,667150 mbps
Reinbeck Telecommunications Utility1,667170 mbps
Orchard Farm Telephone Company1,666125 mbps
Humboldt Telephone Company1,657225 mbps
MLGC1,6521200 mbps
Manchester-Hartland Telephone Company1,6511100 mbps
Bagley Public Utilities1,647112 mbps
Howard's HighSpeed1,644120 mbps
Dubois Telephone Exchange1,6432100 mbps
New Hope Telephone Cooperative1,63316.0 mbps
Bloomingdale Home Telephone Company1,623110 mbps
Medicine Park Telephone Co1,618110 mbps
Kennebec Telephone Company1,6121100 mbps
Glenwood Telephone Company1,603140 mbps
MiWave1,598131 mbps
Huxley Communications Cooperative1,5941100 mbps
Lingo Networks1,5891250 mbps
People's Telephone Company1,5891100 mbps
LaValle Telephone Cooperative1,58811000 mbps
Viola Home Telephone1,586112 mbps
Atlas Telephone Company1,577125 mbps
Palo Cooperative Telephone Association1,575140 mbps
TerraNovaNet1,574150 mbps
Consolidated Telephone Company1,5631100 mbps
Geetel Communications1,553115 mbps
Lone Pine Communications1,5421100 mbps
Pine Telephone Systems1,541115 mbps
Bush-Tell1,53916.0 mbps
Balatize Broadband Services1,531110 mbps
MMCTSU1,529125 mbps
Gtelco1,5271100 mbps
Cap Rock Telephone Cooperative1,511125 mbps
ZipSpider1,51031024 mbps
Oran Mutual Telephone Company1,479110 mbps
Sandersville Fiberlink1,47815.0 mbps
Cape Ann Communications1,468120 mbps
Terril Telephone Cooperative1,45818.0 mbps
Lincoln Telephone Company1,450110 mbps
Ruhl Moore Technologies1,423115 mbps
Mountain VIllage Owners Association1,422110 mbps
Whitestone Power & Communications1,4211500 mbps
TV Association of Republic1,408110 mbps
Mountain Village Metropolitan District1,401130 mbps
Coon Rapids Municipal Communications Utility1,3921200 mbps
Valley Telephone Company1,390216 mbps
Easy Net1,3821146 mbps
Smoky Valley Internet1,377110 mbps
Velocity Broadband1,345110 mbps
Tonica Telephone Company1,331150 mbps
Richmond Telephone Company1,32213.0 mbps
Fire Island Wireless1,30613.0 mbps
Delta Cable1,304125 mbps
Adept Internet Solutions1,297120 mbps
SmartCom Telephone1,291110 mbps
Woodhull Community Telephone Company1,288130 mbps
Yellowstone Media Design1,282150 mbps
Hillsboro Telephone Company1,27916.0 mbps
New Windsor Telephone Company1,274150 mbps
Laurens Municipal Power & Communications1,269110 mbps
Hilltown Networks1,259125 mbps
WiSouth Networks1,2491100 mbps
Dell Telephone Cooperative1,24626.0 mbps
Wolverton Telephone Company1,245210 mbps
Flat Rock Telephone Co-Op1,242110 mbps
North Branch Networks1,241140 mbps
Hubbard Cooperative Telephone Association1,23915.0 mbps
Pattersonville Telephone Company1,23413.0 mbps
Keene Valley Video1,230110 mbps
Carnegie Telephone Company1,225120 mbps
Traceworks1,21210.768 mbps
LR Communications1,210110 mbps
Agility Internet Services1,210120 mbps
Vaughnsville Communications1,206110 mbps
Telecom Cable1,198110 mbps
Atwood Cable Systems1,191110 mbps
Oregon-Idaho Utilities1,180225 mbps
Sierra Communications1,18014.0 mbps
Wi-Five Broadband1,17719.0 mbps
Myvocom1,17622.0 mbps
South Florida Digital Alliance1,17211000 mbps
Stratford Mutual Telephone Company1,167140 mbps
Rural Farm Networks1,161120 mbps
Van Horne Cooperative Telephone Company1,15611.5 mbps
RidgeTop Internet1,15212.0 mbps
Cozad Telephone Company1,15015.0 mbps
City of Cascade-Locks1,14510.768 mbps
Full Choice Communications1,145110 mbps

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