The Complete List of Internet Providers in the US

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Internet Providers in the U.S.

We've found 2713 internet service providers in the US. Below are statistics on their coverage and download speeds. Enter your zip code above to see which internet providers offer service in your area.

Wescomm Wireless113,14710.7+ mbps
AllTech Internet112,7351100+ mbps
Cogent Communications112,42139
LigTel Communications112,199110+ mbps
Lonoke Broadband111,85010.7+ mbps
WaveComm110,91726.0+ mbps
Chat Mobility110,8001100+ mbps
Ranch WiFi110,4091
LightSpeed Technologies110,3051
North Coast Internet110,0821100+ mbps
Cowboy.net109,87610.7+ mbps
Logix Communications109,4862
Remotely Located109,3451
Xpress America Internet108,9461100+ mbps
HiHart107,7761100+ mbps
GVTC Communications107,2291
Benton REA PowerNET106,31516.0+ mbps
Citizens Communications Broadband105,52210.7+ mbps
PRT Communications104,74210.7+ mbps
SRT Communications103,3751
Dalton Utilities102,5991
Adams Cable Service101,0452
Geneva On-Line100,6272
RCC Wireless100,2361
Cascom99,9311100+ mbps
Direct Connect 199,5271
MontanaSky Networks99,5111100+ mbps
MediaNet Wireless99,2231
Reliable Wireless Solutions98,69610.7+ mbps
Home Town Network97,8211
Benton PUD97,3601
Skynet Broadband97,1621
Ace Tekk Wireless Internet97,1291
RevNet Technologies97,0321
Owensboro Municipal Utilities96,6561
Metropolitan Unified Fiber Network96,3311
Alabama HighSpeed96,2581
Mechcom Dot Net95,6321100+ mbps
WispWest.net95,22313.0+ mbps
Volunteer First Services95,0851
Wireless Etc.94,9451
Hussey Communications94,83010.7+ mbps
City of Albany Utilites94,5651
Colorado Wireless Exchange Cooperative94,51816.0+ mbps
Total Highspeed Internet94,4302
Bright.Net North94,146110+ mbps
Webjogger Internet Services93,7801
Night Owl Internet93,5331
RAA Data Services93,5262
USA Communications93,2344
FiberComm92,0322100+ mbps
Lawrence Freenet92,02116.0+ mbps
Spectrum Online Services91,4621100+ mbps
Allo Communications91,2701
Bitwise Wireless90,67016.0+ mbps
Reserve Telecommunications89,4471
Zulu Internet89,4041
Broadway Broadband88,67910.7+ mbps
SCS Broadband88,5091
NewWays Networking88,02126.0+ mbps
Paul Bunyan Telephone87,9521
Access Ohio Valley87,82210.7+ mbps
Country Wireless87,36810.7+ mbps
Inter Mountain Cable87,1933
BridgeMAXX Wireless86,8902100+ mbps
Hofnet Communications86,8591100+ mbps
Air Net, LLC86,47416.0+ mbps
Hy-Rail Communications86,1681100+ mbps
Blue Mule Wireless86,1141
TekWav85,85410.7+ mbps
Northern Telephone and Data85,5551
i3 Broadband85,5311
Tsunami-Wireless85,47216.0+ mbps
NuLink Digital85,0981
BBWI84,73831.5+ mbps
BeamSpeed84,67843.0+ mbps
Ben Lomand Connect84,4791
Cable TV of East Alabama83,9321
Odessa Office Equipment83,6791
Plainsnet83,41710.7+ mbps
Outback Internet82,5931
WireTower82,5901100+ mbps
Campus Communications Group82,3435
NewarkNet Wireless82,07810.7+ mbps
OOLWireless82,00016.0+ mbps
UP Logon81,24016.0+ mbps
AFES Network Services80,98611.5+ mbps

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