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Too Expensive for what you get.

2.00 Stars

on September 28, 2017

If you use a lot of data which a lot of people use more then they think, stay away from cable one, Their data cap gets in the way a lot and the price is just too high for something that you have to constantly watch. We have 3 tv's that would like to stream Netflix or Hulu but can't not because of the speed which is amazing with that number of people, they just can't because we can't afford to go over our data cap.

Basic internet okay but not for streaming.

2.00 Stars

on March 24, 2018

Internet for PC use is fine. But we can't stream anything without several reboots. Just upgraded to a better streaming package and it's only a slight improvement. So now, we only have to reboot 2-5 times during a movie instead of giving up completely half way through.

Don't do it

1.00 Stars

on June 01, 2018

I have had problems with my internet service for the past year. The internet is down at least 30% in a week. This is unacceptable since I work from home. I cant get a credit because the issue seems like it will never be resolved. Once I was offered a refund for a few dollars. Hilarious. I would not recommend Cableone internet or phone.

Data cap a deal breaker

4.00 Stars

on December 09, 2017

Quality service and internet speed are awesome, the only complaint is their data caps. If you like streaming services like Netflix and Sling you are screwed with Cable One.

Great internet but expensive and not unlimited

3.00 Stars

on June 12, 2017

I love Cable ONE. However, since they have gotten greedy and stopped the unlimited data it has turned into the most expensive internet in town. 300 GB isn't enough for a family of 5. I pay $69.95 for 300 GB for a month. And they force you to the 500 GB if you go over 3 months in a row. Which means your bill goes up to $105.00 a month. I am going to be leaving Cable ONE because of this. If they ever offer unlimited internet for a decent price I will return.

Good speed, Low data limits

4.00 Stars

on January 31, 2016

I have 100 Mbps service and have a data cap of 300GB. That equates to about 7 hours of 100% download for the month! We have a household of 4 people who use the internet for facebook, youtube, gaming, and Netflix. Add to that the updates for games and software and it gets very close. If you add in video and music purchases from iTunes, it's downright impossible.

Wireless terrible, wired okay, streaming is limited and service expensive

1.00 Stars

on September 14, 2018

I have internet service at two houses in two states with different vendors (so I know what to expect). I have used Cable One in downtown Prescott AZ for 12 years but if there were a serious alternative in Prescott AZ, I would probably make the change. The internet service is 30% more expensive (compared to my other house), is limited in streaming capacity (compared to the fiber optics at the other house), the wired connection for my home office computer works okay but the wireless capacity (which is 10 feet away from the wired connection) works terribly. As an example, today's exercise program that I was streaming between 4-5 pm took almost an hour (twice the 30-minute length) with 20 interruptions of 15 seconds to 5 minutes duration. This result happens more often than not in the afternoons.

Data capped

3.00 Stars

on January 23, 2016

If you go over your (small) monthly allotment they will offer a higher tier plan for 3 months or terminate your service. The internet itself is pretty reliable, only going down for a few minutes every day but you'll never get your advertised speed.

Overpriced. Underdelivered.

2.00 Stars

on June 17, 2018

After $15 of mandatory surcharges for 'broadcast TV' and 'sports', $20 for equipment (HD/DVR receiver & HD Digital converter, we elected to provide our own cable modem), and other fees, Cableone charges almost $175 a month for its Preferred Bundle - HDTV & Internet (100Mbps down/3Mbps up). We rarely get more than 20-25Mbps down, and rarely are able to stream an HD TV show due to "insufficient bandwidth". In short, if there was any reasonable competition, we'd jump in a minute.

Great speed, terrible data cap

3.00 Stars

on November 11, 2015

Their speed is great, but they have a data cap of only 300Gb on their base package. It is absolutely worthless for normal gamer/streamer usage. In my first billing cycle, I used 809GB of data.

Best you can get in Show Low

4.00 Stars

on April 14, 2017

Cable One is the fastest internet you can get in Show Low today. My experience has been good. My only "complaint" is that the service pricing level is much higher than it should be. Why? I think it's lack of competition. Frontier is not exactly "competition". If other similar services providers (i.e. Cox) were able to compete in this area I think the pricing would be more like what you see in metro Phoenix. Low score for "value", but the service is good and very reliable.

I wish they offered service to my new address

5.00 Stars

on April 22, 2015

Their customer service reps, techies and front office people have all, always been pleasant and helpful. It helps that I am pleasant to them. There have been only 2 outages during the 10 years I have used Cable One. They send data faster than my old computer can handle it. The price has had only one small price hike over this past decade.

Good Sometime, Poor Sometime~

3.00 Stars

on May 27, 2015

Mostly I've been satisfied with Cable One, but the last two days, I've had good reception in the morning and none on my computer in the afternoon and evening. They're telling me that it isn't on their end, but I don't see how that's possible.

Cable One Internet Only Service

2.00 Stars

on June 06, 2018

Cable One is by far the fastest provider in Bartlesville area. However, the speed of the service varies widely during an average day. Early in the day, you will get your rated speed on an ethernet connection but by midday, it is slowing by about half. Service is reliable. One or two outages per year usually fixed in a matter of hours. Technical customer service is very good. But when you contact support over slow speed you will receive a script telling you to make changes to your equipment. The price tag for all levels of internet service is the highest you will encounter. Don't recommend moving to BVO for the Internet service.

Best service around

5.00 Stars

on February 01, 2016

If you have access to CableOne as an ISP you are very lucky.They have the best speed, service, reliability, and price of any providers available to me. Thank goodness CableOne brought their service to us even outside of the city limits and it has been great.

Better than other ISPs, I guess.

2.00 Stars

on July 29, 2015

The speed and price are nothing special but I've had worse. Frequent short outages. Not a month goes by where service doesn't mysteriously disappear for a block of at least an hour, occasionally all day, with no notice. Their cable TV division also apparently had a row with Viacom because they were raising their fees and dropped their channels; so Viacom decided to block the I.P. addresses of all of their subscribers, whether they had TV or not; this meant I couldn't (still can't) watch Daily Show on its website, even though I don't even buy cable TV! (Fortunately I was able to work-around with Hulu.) Just the usual nonsense in this poorly regulated industry.

Solid internet at $60/month

4.00 Stars

on April 23, 2018

Very rarely have internet drop. Does lag during congested times but I'm pretty heavy data user so probably not an issue for most. Runs about $60 after taxes.

High Speed Broadband

5.00 Stars

on September 11, 2017

Excellent Customer Service

Best speed and service in town

5.00 Stars

on July 11, 2018

The tech arrived on time, installed modem where it would get WiFi to my device. Tech showed me that I was getting more than the speed I was paying for on my computer.


4.00 Stars

on December 14, 2015

I've ran speed test and they've come back with the advertised speed and the service has been reliable.

Fast, reliable service

4.00 Stars

on March 21, 2016

Service is fast and reliable. Data cap thresholds are very easy to run over for a family household of five people, and I am looking into other providers due to their data caps.


2.00 Stars

on July 09, 2018

Internet speed and reliability is probably slightly better than average, but the bundled phone service sucks! As a business, I rely on my phone. Never had a phone problem with other providers for 17 years of business here. Nothing but problems with Cable One. They can hear me, but I can't hear them. Calls to Cable One are useless. I'll go back to DSL internet speed to get my phone service back to normal.

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