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Copper Internet Providers

Enter your zip code below to find which Copper providers offer service in your area.

Providers Offering Copper Service

We've found 235 providers offering Copper service in the US. Below are stats on their coverage and speeds.

Michigan Broadband--130 mbps
Fibre Alaska--11000 mbps
Huntleigh Technology Group--11000 mbps
Douglas Fast Net--140 mbps
MTCC--150 mbps
Hammer Fiber--1150 mbps
GTA--11.5 mbps
Omnispring--11.5 mbps
Santa Rosa Telephone Cooperative--1100 mbps
Shentel--11.5 mbps
Westel--16.0 mbps
Wilson Communications--14.0 mbps
X1 Communications--1100 mbps
T1 Company--112 mbps
Transtelco--1100 mbps
Twin Lakes Telephone--140 mbps
12Global--1500 mbps
Advantage Telecom--11.5 mbps
GeoLinks--1100 mbps
Kinetix--120 mbps
PogoZone--11000 mbps
South Valley Internet--115 mbps
Veracity Networks--112 mbps
Datavo - Business Data & Voice Solutions--120 mbps
Bays-ET High Speed--1100 mbps
MCC Networks--1100 mbps
ECSISNET--11.5 mbps
ENCO Electronic Systems--1N/A
Freeway Communications--136 mbps
Hubbard Cooperative Telephone Company--15.0 mbps
Midwest Telecom of America--13.0 mbps
Network Tool and Die Company--1100 mbps
Single Path--14.0 mbps
Web Fire Communications--110 mbps
Enqwest--15.0 mbps mbps
Affinity Technology Solutions--149 mbps
DFT Communications--1N/A
Summit Broadband--11000 mbps
T3 VoiceNet--1N/A
Unwired Ltd--110000 mbps
Urban Communications--120 mbps
Velocity Telephone--12.0 mbps
TV Association of Republic--1100 mbps
Viya--11.5 mbps
Nextera Communications--1100 mbps
Digital West--13.0 mbps
North Olympic Peninsula Data Centers--1100 mbps
NATCO--11.5 mbps
OneSource Communications--11.5 mbps
Optivon--1100 mbps
Pathwayz Communications--13.0 mbps
POPP Communications--140 mbps
Project Mutual Telephone--120 mbps
IT&E--14.0 mbps
Public Utility District No 1 of Douglas County--11000 mbps
Rainier Connect--11.5 mbps
Raw Bandwidth Communications--1100 mbps
Roller Network--11000 mbps
Seimitsu--11.4 mbps
Servpac--11000 mbps
Smart City--11000 mbps
SmartCom Telephone--145 mbps
Impulse Internet Services--1100 mbps
Arvig--15.0 mbps
Missouri Telecom--150 mbps
Montana Internet Corporation--11000 mbps
Conterra Ultra Broadband--11.5 mbps
IP Global--150 mbps
Iserv--1100 mbps
Jabo Communications--110 mbps
Ketchikan Public Utilities--120 mbps
Lightbound--11000 mbps
LocalTel Communications--11000 mbps
ICON Technologies--11.5 mbps
Great Plains Communications--1N/A
Guthrie Center Communications--1N/A
Hubris Communications--150 mbps
Helix Telephone Company--16.0 mbps
High Desert Air--11.5 mbps
Global Telecom Brokers--11.5 mbps
Grande Communications--145 mbps
EONI--13.0 mbps
Electronet Broadband Communications--11.5 mbps
Fidelity Communications--1100 mbps
Florida Phone Systems--11.2 mbps
Foremost Telecommunications--1100 mbps
Frontier Communications--124 mbps
Full Service Network--145 mbps
FullTel--1100 mbps
Monmouth Telephone & Telegraph--11.5 mbps
Internet Colorado--11.5 mbps
TriParish--11.5 mbps
Connecticut Education Network--11.5 mbps
Cyber Mesa Telecom--14.0 mbps
Dakota Carrier Network--13.0 mbps
702 Communications--150 mbps
FastTrack Communications--11.5 mbps
Westelcom Network--1N/A
WK&T--16.0 mbps