Copper Internet Providers

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Providers Offering Copper Service

We've found 225 providers offering Copper service in the US. Below are stats on their coverage and speeds.

Wilson Communications--14.0 mbps
X1 Communications--1100 mbps
Xtel Communications--110 mbps
TV Association of Republic--1100 mbps
Viya--11.5 mbps
Douglas Fast Net--140 mbps
MTCC--150 mbps
T3 Communications--1300 mbps
Michigan Broadband--130 mbps
Huntleigh Technology Group--11000 mbps
Fibre Alaska--11000 mbps
12Global--1500 mbps
Advantage Telecom--11.5 mbps
Veracity Networks--112 mbps
Enqwest--120 mbps
South Valley Internet--115 mbps
Hammer Fiber--1150 mbps
CallTower--120 mbps
Datavo - Business Data & Voice Solutions--120 mbps
Single Path--14.0 mbps
MCC Networks--1100 mbps
Affinity Technology Solutions--149 mbps
DFT Communications--1N/A
GeoLinks--1100 mbps
Kinetix--120 mbps
PogoZone--11000 mbps
Nextera Communications--1100 mbps
Digital West--18.0 mbps
North Olympic Peninsula Data Centers--1100 mbps
NATCO--11.5 mbps
OneSource Communications--11.5 mbps
Optivon--150 mbps
Pathwayz Communications--13.0 mbps
POPP Communications--140 mbps
Project Mutual Telephone--120 mbps
IT&E--14.0 mbps
Public Utility District No 1 of Douglas County--11000 mbps
Rainier Connect--11.5 mbps
Raw Bandwidth Communications--1100 mbps
Roller Network--11000 mbps
Seimitsu--11.4 mbps
Servpac--1200 mbps
Smart City--11000 mbps
SmartCom Telephone--13.0 mbps
Summit Broadband--11000 mbps
Syringa Networks--15.0 mbps
T3 VoiceNet--1N/A
Unwired Ltd--110000 mbps
Urban Communications--120 mbps
Velocity Telephone--12.0 mbps
LocalTel Communications--11000 mbps
Impulse Internet Services--1100 mbps
Arvig--15.0 mbps
Missouri Telecom--150 mbps
Montana Internet Corporation--1100 mbps
Conterra Ultra Broadband--11.5 mbps
IP Global--150 mbps
Iserv--1100 mbps
Jabo Communications--110 mbps
Ketchikan Public Utilities--120 mbps
ICON Technologies--11.5 mbps
Fidelity Communications--1100 mbps
Hubris Communications--130 mbps
Helix Telephone Company--16.0 mbps
High Desert Air--11.5 mbps
Global Telecom Brokers--11.5 mbps
Grande Communications--145 mbps
Grayson Collin Communications--1100 mbps
Great Plains Communications--1N/A
Guthrie Center Communications--1N/A
EONI--13.0 mbps
Electronet Broadband Communications--11.5 mbps
Florida Phone Systems--11.1 mbps
Foremost Telecommunications--18.0 mbps
Frontier Communications--124 mbps
Full Service Network--145 mbps
FullTel--1100 mbps
702 Communications--150 mbps
FastTrack Communications--11.5 mbps
Westelcom Network--1N/A
WK&T--16.0 mbps
San Isabel Telecom--110 mbps
Sierra Tel Internet--120 mbps
Silver Star Telecom--11000 mbps
Sonic--112 mbps
StarLinX Technical Services--150 mbps
MISNet--11.5 mbps
North State Communications--1N/A
Northern Telephone and Data--150 mbps
Pacific Data Systems--11.5 mbps
Quantum Communications--110 mbps
Monmouth Telephone & Telegraph--11.5 mbps
GWI--152 mbps
Internet Colorado--11.5 mbps
JAS Networks--1100 mbps
TriParish--11.5 mbps
Connecticut Education Network--11.5 mbps
Cyber Mesa Telecom--14.0 mbps
Dakota Carrier Network--13.0 mbps
Brandenburg Telecom--120 mbps

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