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DSL Internet Providers

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Providers Offering DSL Service

We've found 885 providers offering DSL service in the US. Below are stats on their coverage and speeds.

Etex38,473145 mbps
Randolph Telephone Membership Corporation37,55918.0 mbps
Mountain Telephone36,796112 mbps
Eastern Oregon Telecom35,907120 mbps
Sandhill Telephone Cooperative35,905140 mbps
Sierra Tel Internet35,733120 mbps
Tularosa Communications35,574115 mbps
Dobson Telephone Company35,233220 mbps
Ringgold Telephone Company32,9771100 mbps
Smithville Communications32,693150 mbps
Emery Telcom32,0841100 mbps
Pioneer Broadband31,954110 mbps
BTC Broadband31,58211000 mbps
Cyber Mesa Telecom31,309140 mbps
Craw-Kan Telephone Cooperative30,952350 mbps
Ardmore Telephone Company30,727230 mbps
Granite State Communications30,725114 mbps
Bledsoe Telephone Cooperative30,548110 mbps
Project Mutual Telephone30,388140 mbps
SGO Broadband30,299350 mbps
NITCO30,254150 mbps
PSTEL.net29,913130 mbps
ETC Communications29,771260 mbps
Fidelity Communications29,666130 mbps
Vermont Telephone Company29,635124 mbps
Franklin Telephone29,244125 mbps
Sebastian29,024120 mbps
HCTC28,718150 mbps
DELCOM28,68127.0 mbps
Grande Communications28,44416.0 mbps
OnlineNW27,948115 mbps
Palmetto Rural Telephone Cooperative27,733146 mbps
Palmerton Telephone Co27,625110 mbps
South Central Communications27,391250 mbps
Northern Valley Communications26,411125 mbps
3 Rivers Telephone Cooperative26,068120 mbps
Vision Communications25,79318.0 mbps
Mosaic Telecom25,5501150 mbps
NEFCOM24,896150 mbps
Piedmont Rural Telephone Cooperative24,742120 mbps
CT Comm24,639150 mbps
PGTELCO INTERNET24,308150 mbps
Pioneer23,8211100 mbps
FORETHOUGHT.net23,81621000 mbps
Brainstorm Internet23,81621000 mbps
LISCO23,6801100 mbps
American Broadband23,543125 mbps
PTCI23,381350 mbps
RiverStreet Networks23,151112 mbps
Plant Telephone Company23,0241100 mbps
Yelcot Communications22,9621250 mbps
NEP Telephone22,692112 mbps
Geneseo Communications22,562110 mbps
Goldfield Access Network22,107112 mbps
Ironton Telephone Co22,075150 mbps
Swiftel Communications22,05111.5 mbps
Northwest Communications21,682120 mbps
Fulton Telephone Company21,223125 mbps
RT Communications21,17031000 mbps
RTC21,111110 mbps
Ontario & Trumansburg Telephone Companies21,00316.0 mbps
Camellia Communications20,947120 mbps
Axxis Communications20,7082100 mbps
DirectLink20,547130 mbps
Relyant Communications20,34711.5 mbps
Reliance Connects20,3143100 mbps
Sacred Wind Communications20,216110 mbps
Valley Telecom20,081210 mbps
CimTel20,072115 mbps
GRM Networks20,025210 mbps
Hart Telephone Company19,901115 mbps
Cross Telephone19,707150 mbps
Otter Tail Telcom19,290160 mbps
Silver Star Communications19,2462200 mbps
DUO Broadband19,195112 mbps
SEI Communications19,142115 mbps
Big Bend Telephone Company19,068112 mbps
WNM Communications19,040125 mbps
UniTel18,994110 mbps
Enhanced Telecommunications Corporation18,97418.0 mbps
South Slope18,815140 mbps
Taylor Telecom18,800150 mbps
Whidbey Telecom18,792150 mbps
Keystone Communications18,792150 mbps
Solarus18,750120 mbps
Gila River Telecommunications18,710150 mbps
EONI18,658133 mbps
TelAlaska18,595110 mbps
Adams Networks18,443115 mbps
Martelle Communications Co-op18,14315.0 mbps
Chickamauga Telephone Corporation18,078120 mbps
Smart City17,826118 mbps
MEI Telecom Services17,370116 mbps
Volcano Internet Provider17,074120 mbps
MHTC17,070115 mbps
CentraCom17,054125 mbps
24-7 Telcom16,96816.0 mbps
Nebraska Central Telephone16,723120 mbps
Michigan Broadband16,570125 mbps
e-Tel16,436150 mbps