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DSL Broadband Providers in the USA

Comteck of Indiana1,9691100+ mbps
Superior Telephone Cooperative1,9651
Franklin Telephone Company1,95313.0+ mbps
Orchard Farm Telephone Company1,9151
New Florence Telephone Company1,8981
Mound Bayou Telephone1,8621
Farmers Telephone Company1,84216.0+ mbps
NKTelco1,8241,80910.2+ mbps
Oregon Farmers Mutual1,7801100+ mbps
Richmond Telephone Company1,75910.7+ mbps
North Texas Telephone Company1,7511100+ mbps
Prairieburg Telephone Company1,7411100+ mbps
Bristol Bay Telephone Cooperative1,73916.0+ mbps
Viola Home Telephone1,7311
Crown Point Telephone1,72916.0+ mbps
Highland Telephone Cooperative1,71916.0+ mbps
Waldron Telephone Company1,7101100+ mbps
Sully Telephone Association1,6761100+ mbps
Peace Valley Telephone1,67516.0+ mbps
Humboldt Telephone Company1,6572100+ mbps
North English Cooperative Telephone Company1,6561
Sac County Mutual Telephone Company1,6431100+ mbps
Hood Canal Communications1,63716.0+ mbps
Glenwood Telephone Company1,6321
Roome Telecommunications1,6281100+ mbps
Medicine Park Telephone Co1,6181100+ mbps
Kennebec Telephone Company1,616125+ mbps
Huxley Communications Cooperative1,6111
Casey Mutual Telephone Company1,5841
Southwest Oklahoma Internet1,57716.0+ mbps
One-Eleven1,5701100+ mbps
T3 Communications1,5601
Geetel Communications1,5531
Bush-Tell1,53916.0+ mbps
Hickory Telephone Company1,4591
Terril Telephone Cooperative1,458125+ mbps
Lincoln Telephone Company1,4501100+ mbps
Bloomingdale Home Telephone Company1,4291100+ mbps
Cascade Communications Company1,4251
Valley Telephone Company1,3902
Five Area Telephone1,3801100+ mbps
WTC1,36413.0+ mbps
Marne & Elk Horn Telephone Company1,3451100+ mbps
Tonica Telephone Company1,3121
Woodhull Community Telephone Company1,2881
Hillsboro Telephone Company1,27916.0+ mbps
New Windsor Telephone Company1,2741
Dell Telephone Cooperative1,24626.0+ mbps
Wolverton Telephone Company1,2452100+ mbps
Flat Rock Telephone Co-Op1,2421100+ mbps
Pattersonville Telephone Company1,23410.7+ mbps
Hubbard Co-op Telephone Association1,23113.0+ mbps
Crosslake Communications1,2291
Vaughnsville Communications1,2061100+ mbps
Oregon Telephone Corporation1,1981
Oregon-Idaho Utilities1,1802
Sierra Communications1,18011.5+ mbps
Red River Communications1,1782
Leaf River Telephone Company1,1671100+ mbps
Van Horne Cooperative Telephone Company1,1561
IAMO Telephone Co1,15010.7+ mbps
Cozad Telephone Company1,15013.0+ mbps
Hershey Cooperative Telephone Company1,1421100+ mbps
Pine Telephone Systems1,1301100+ mbps
Rothsay Telephone Company1,1091
Center Junction Telephone Company1,1081100+ mbps
Farmer's Telephone Company1,1021100+ mbps
Heartland Technology1,08816.0+ mbps
PC Telecom1,0871
Rice Belt Telephone Co1,0871
Hot Springs Telephone Company1,0731
Mitchell Telecom1,0681
Titonka-Burt Communications1,0581
West Central Telephone Association1,0551100+ mbps
Blossom Telephone Company1,03313.0+ mbps
Polar Communications1,0302100+ mbps
HTC Communications1,0221
Farmers Mutual Telephone Company1,0101
H&B Communications9541
Smithville Telephone Company94216.0+ mbps
Wilson Communications92210.7+ mbps
Mainstay Communications90910.7+ mbps
McNabb Internet9081100+ mbps
Allied Telecom Group8984
Axiom Technologies8911
K & M Telephone Company8811100+ mbps
Andrew Telephone Company8671100+ mbps
Templeton Telephone Company86416.0+ mbps
Elsie Communications8561100+ mbps
Kayse Internet8551
Grand Mound Communications8281
Home Telephone Company8171
Crossville Communications8061
Peoples Rural Telephone8021
Lynnville Telephone Company7911100+ mbps
Heartland Net77710.7+ mbps

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