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Black Friday Deals

Viasat Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2020

Get Black Friday Internet Service Deals for your new tech this holiday

The day after Thanksgiving deals are just around the corner, and internet providers often get in on the action. Although Viasat isn’t known for releasing Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals with extra savings on their internet, TV, and phone services, it does feature all-year ways to help you save money on your monthly plan.

The satellite provider offers savings on your first three months of service for each of their internet plans and discounted services when you bundle them with internet service, like home phone and Viasat Shield which protects you from security threats. Viasat also partners with DISH TV to provide customers with TV service with a two-year price lock guarantee.

If you’re ready to sign up for Viasat but you’re waiting on Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals to drop, be sure to bookmark this page and check back frequently.

Viasat Black Friday Deals

Viasat does not usually release special offers for Black Friday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t save money as a new customer.

The ISP currently offers a few options for internet-only plans, including plans with data caps and unlimited data plans. The plans available to you will depend on your location.

Here’s a look at some of Viasat’s most popular plans:

  • Liberty 12: Download speeds up to 12 Mbps; 12 GB/month data cap; $50 per month
  • Liberty 25: Download speeds up to 12 Mbps; 25 GB/month data cap; $75 per month
  • Unlimited Bronze 12: Download speeds up to 12 Mbps; Unlimited data; $100 per month
  • Unlimited Silver 25: Download speeds up to 25 Mbps; Unlimited data; $150 per month
  • Unlimited Gold 30: Download speeds up to 30 Mbps; Unlimited data; $200 per month

Currently, the best savings are reserved for the Unlimited plans. In select areas, new customers with Unlimited plans get discounted internet service for their first three months with regular pricing after that, but still with no data caps and overage charges.

While we aren’t yet sure if Viasat will offer extra discounts for Black Friday, the ISP may try to compete with other satellite companies, like HughesNet, which has previously rewarded new customers with a $100 prepaid card when they sign up for service.

Viasat Cyber Monday Deals

Cyber Monday is all about internet deals, so there’s no better time to save on your internet service than the Monday after Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Like Black Friday, Viasat usually doesn’t offer specific deals for Cyber Monday.

However, you could still save on your internet service if you choose to switch to Viasat. Cyber Monday is the perfect time to browse deals on internet equipment, like your modem and router, that you’ll need for satellite internet service.

Viasat provides a modem with a built-in router for customers for $5 per month, but you can purchase your own compatible equipment to save money on your monthly bill. Electronics and department stores usually have some of these products discounted for Cyber Monday, so keep your eyes peeled for newspaper inserts or email newsletters that highlight promotions.

The satellite provider also offers discounts when you bundle services, like internet and home phone. For instance, new customers receive $10 off their monthly Voice Home Phone service when they bundle it with an internet plan. DISH Satellite TV also has special pricing for Viasat customers when bundled with their satellite internet.

How to Save the Most Money on Viasat Internet Service All Year Round

Viasat internet deals are available in all states and territories, so there are always ways for new and current customers to save on their internet service, even outside of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday window.

Save on Data Charges

One of the best ways to save on Viasat satellite internet is to buy an Unlimited plan. Each of Viasat’s Unlimited plans have no data caps, so you won’t have to monitor your data usage and pay extra if you use too much. If an Unlimited plan isn’t in your budget, you can take advantage of Viasat’s Free Zones for capped plans, which are specific times during which you can use data freely without it counting toward your monthly limit.

Get a Lifetime Lease on Your Viasat Dish

Viasat offers its customers a monthly lease for their satellite dish for $9.99. This is a good option if you can’t afford to pay for a lifetime lease with an upfront cost of $299. However, you could save money opting for the lifetime lease if you plan to stick with Viasat internet for longer than your two-year contract. The lifetime lease allows you to have use of the equipment for as long as you stay with Viasat without an additional charge on your monthly bill.

For more savings, you can also buy your own modem and router. Leasing the equipment through Viasat costs an additional $5 per month, but you can avoid the fee when you use your own compatible equipment.

Sign Up for a Bundle

Viasat offers bundles for internet and phone service and as an internet and Voice customer, you receive $10 off your monthly bill for both services combined. You can also order DISH TV through Viasat for special deals that are only available to their customers.

Negotiate Your Internet Bill

You may be able to lower your internet bill by negotiating your bill with a customer service representative. If you find a higher charge than usual on your statement or discover a better deal with another company, you could have some leverage in negotiating lower costs. Be prepared for the call by researching other satellite internet providers and plans similar to yours to get an idea of their pricing.