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Providers Offering Fiber Service

We've found 1171 providers offering Fiber service in the US. Below are stats on their coverage and speeds.

Rothsay Telephone Company6101
Spring Valley Telephone5961
Mabel Cooperative Telephone Company5862100+ mbps
Viola Home Telephone5851
Farmers Telecommunications5841
Northwest Communications5761
Brooklyn Fiber5631
BalsamWest FiberNET5523
North Country Broadband5441
Tele-Media Solutions5381
Volo Broadband5331
Milford Communications5231
Unggoy Broadband5161
Athena Broadband5161
Independence Telecommunications Utility4941
Northern Telephone and Data4941
Beaver Creek Telephone Company4851
Eagle Telephone System4851100+ mbps
Greenfield Communications4801
Visionary Communications4804
Sacred Wind Communications Inc4771
Table Top Telephone Company4611
Moundville Telephone Company4351
Fibre Alaska4251
Mountain West Telephone4211
City of Hawarden4201
Spiral Communications4182
North West Net4131
James Valley Telecommunications4022
New Windsor Telephone Company4021
Amplex Wireless3901
Farber Telephone Company38916.0+ mbps
McNabb Internet3851
24/7 Mid-Atlantic Network3752
DFT Communications3751
Flint River Communications3561
ETC Communications3561
BruceTel Communications3491
Killduff Telephone Company3451
Lynnville Telephone Company3451
Searsboro Telephone Company3451
Concept Communications Corp3392
Harris Broadband3361
Adak Eagle Enterprises3351
Minerva Valley Telephone Company Inc3331100+ mbps
Colorado Community Fiber3321
City of Camilla3291
K & M Telephone Company3281100+ mbps
Middleburgh Telephone Company3101
Big River Telephone3091
Urban Communications2911100+ mbps
United Telcom2881
MoKan Dial2861
St Paul Telephone2741
CNS Internet2661
FPUAnet Communications2621
Hancock Telephone2572
CSS Communications2561
La Motte Telephone Company2501
Geneva Broadband2481
Zenda Online24611.5+ mbps
Tonica Telephone Company243150+ mbps
Genuine Telecom2421
Fulton Telephone Company2411100+ mbps
LaWard Communications2401
Burke's Garden Telephone Company2341100+ mbps
Valley Telephone Company2342
Border to Border Communications2291
Andrew Telephone Company2201
Egyptian Telephone Cooperative2171
City of Faith Telephone Company2141100+ mbps
Wolverton Telephone Company2081
Ponderosa Telephone Company2001
Murray Electric System1981
PES Energize1971
High Desert Air1931
Willard Telephone Company18911,000+ mbps
Oregon-Idaho Utilities1831
Cable Communications of Willsboro1771
Layer2 Communications1743
MTC Communications1741
Ayrshire Farmers Mutual Telephone Company1701
Pocahontas Fiber Network1681
Packet Layer1662
City of Cairo1601
Conterra Ultra Broadband1531

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