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Fiber Internet Providers

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Providers Offering Fiber Service

We've found 1297 providers offering Fiber service in the US. Below are stats on their coverage and speeds.

Golden West Telecommunications55,4832100 mbps
VTX Communications54,94211000 mbps
Eagle Communications54,8501100 mbps
Lumos Networks54,73521000 mbps
Slic Network Solutions54,5461500 mbps
Greenlight53,63011000 mbps
Burlington Telecom51,91331000 mbps
Pineland Telephone Company50,91311000 mbps
SenaWave49,73611000 mbps
Planters Rural Telephone Cooperative49,22111000 mbps
Wilkes Communications48,58011000 mbps
Nittany Media48,25711000 mbps
HBC47,47111000 mbps
Bluewave Communications46,8871100 mbps
South Slope46,49311000 mbps
USA Communications46,1362200 mbps
Star Communications44,6101100 mbps
US Internet44,29311000 mbps
Spanish Fork Community Network43,51111000 mbps
ImOn Communications43,19411000 mbps
Foothills Broadband43,14911000 mbps
Winn Telecom42,68011000 mbps
Blue Ridge Mountain EMC42,12821000 mbps
TSC41,86211000 mbps
BOLT Fiber Optic Services41,67811000 mbps
CommZoom41,54111000 mbps
LivCom41,36411000 mbps
Cedar Falls Municipal Communications Utility40,97111000 mbps
Montana Opticom40,55811000 mbps
South Central Communications40,53721000 mbps
Vision Communications39,82011000 mbps
ATMC39,39911000 mbps
CityLink Telecommunications38,3151100 mbps
New Paris Telephone38,12811000 mbps
Race Communications38,09511000 mbps
USA Communications (Iowa)38,046170 mbps
Premier Communications37,85721000 mbps
Enhanced Telecommunications Corporation37,31911000 mbps
PocketiNet Communications37,21511000 mbps
Consolidated Telcom36,5242999 mbps
Zito Media36,44321000 mbps
Starry Internet36,3586200 mbps
GRM Networks36,08621000 mbps
PSC36,07311000 mbps
Tularosa Communications35,5741100 mbps
BTC Broadband35,52611000 mbps
MTC Communications35,4561100 mbps
Alliance Communications35,1853100 mbps
MINet34,91111000 mbps
Endeavor Communications34,83111000 mbps
Solarus33,95211000 mbps
Cameron Communications33,540110 mbps
Geneseo Communications33,20621000 mbps
Arvig33,16111000 mbps
Vermont Telephone Company33,01621000 mbps
Eastern Shore of Virginia Broadband Authority32,943110000 mbps
Daystarr Communications32,53411000 mbps
Surry Telephone Membership Corporation32,29611000 mbps
AllensTV32,09811000 mbps
Wabash Communications31,16211000 mbps
Smart City31,13011000 mbps
Rainier Connect30,88411000 mbps
Project Mutual Telephone30,77511000 mbps
West River Telecommunications Cooperative30,49821000 mbps
Interstate Telecommunications Cooperative30,4352100 mbps
Pathway Communications29,626130 mbps
Santa Rosa Telephone Cooperative29,62221000 mbps
All West Communications29,18221000 mbps
Wintek Corporation29,13611000 mbps
RiverStreet Networks28,83111000 mbps
Elevate Internet28,76511000 mbps
DELCOM28,6812100 mbps
Emery Telcom28,62211000 mbps
MachLink28,22811000 mbps
West Carolina Tel28,11611000 mbps
Norvado27,74011000 mbps
Reliance Connects27,6743100 mbps
Winnebago Cooperative Telecom Association27,34921000 mbps
BEK Communications Cooperative27,32211000 mbps
SCTC27,2812100 mbps
Strata Networks26,74011000 mbps
Ritter Communications26,63031000 mbps
Peoples Rural Telephone26,45511000 mbps
Opelika Power Services26,40111000 mbps
Citynet26,222131000 mbps
Venture Communications26,15321000 mbps
Ringgold Telephone Company26,05011000 mbps
Piedmont Communications25,94111000 mbps
Primelink25,90611000 mbps
Aeneas Internet and Telephone25,90211000 mbps
North Dakota Telephone Company25,76411000 mbps
Sebastian25,7461100 mbps
Matanuska Telephone Association25,65011000 mbps
Great Plains Communications25,6342100 mbps
Dakota Central Telecommunications25,52011000 mbps
Etex25,1601300 mbps
Ben Lomand Connect24,77211000 mbps
Volunteer First Services24,77211000 mbps
HCTC24,68511000 mbps