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Fiber Internet Providers

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Providers Offering Fiber Service

We've found 1246 providers offering Fiber service in the US. Below are stats on their coverage and speeds.

Baldwin LightStream22,5861100 mbps
Aeneas Internet and Telephone22,57411000 mbps
OneSource Communications22,1781100 mbps
North Alabama Electric Co-op22,171110 mbps
Vernon Communications22,11111000 mbps
Swiftel Communications22,05111000 mbps
Smart City21,75611000 mbps
Glenwood Telephone21,74611000 mbps
Mahaska Communication Group21,711110000 mbps
EC Fiber21,5701700 mbps
United/Turtle Mountain Communications21,47411000 mbps
DirectLink21,31711000 mbps
Fidelity Communications21,15951000 mbps
Yelcot Communications20,95811000 mbps
Garden Valley Telephone Company20,86111000 mbps
Heart of Iowa Communications Cooperative20,840190 mbps
South Slope20,76211000 mbps
Thacker-Grigsby Internet20,71011000 mbps
Westphalia Broadband20,54011000 mbps
Granite State Communications20,4911100 mbps
Relyant Communications20,3111100 mbps
HCTC20,25911000 mbps
LHTC Broadband20,1461150 mbps
Callabyte Technology19,99911000 mbps
Citizens Fiber19,80211000 mbps
Great Plains Communications19,7772100 mbps
Chariton Valley Telephone19,6811300 mbps
Dickey Rural Networks19,27621000 mbps
Community Communications Company19,1741200 mbps
WTC19,08311000 mbps
Craw-Kan Telephone Cooperative18,95921000 mbps
DUO Broadband18,86911000 mbps
West Texas Rural Telephone Coop18,7791100 mbps
MINet18,6371100 mbps
Massillon Cable TV18,4151100 mbps
Pioneer Telephone Cooperative18,2501100 mbps
Yucca Telecom18,11811000 mbps
TCT18,0971100 mbps
Intelliwave17,92711000 mbps
Twin Valley Telephone17,88411000 mbps
e-Tel17,8451250 mbps
Nemont Telephone Cooperative17,77031000 mbps
Datavision Communications17,74011000 mbps
Polar Communications17,69921000 mbps
Brantley Telephone17,69611000 mbps
Concord Light Broadband17,6681300 mbps
Waverly Utilities17,57611000 mbps
LISCO17,5591100 mbps
West Wisconsin Telcom17,45411000 mbps
OTELCO17,3774250 mbps
Bardstown Cable TV17,362110 mbps
MvLink17,26411000 mbps
Tullahoma Utilities Authority17,26111000 mbps
Valley Telecom17,2212500 mbps
Northeast Nebraska Telephone Company17,2052100 mbps
Vision Communications17,12511000 mbps
New Visions17,11811000 mbps
XFINITY from Comcast17,028231000 mbps
Pendleton Fiber Company17,0171100 mbps
New Hope Telephone Cooperative17,00311000 mbps
OmniTel Communications16,9871240 mbps
CC Communications16,7831100 mbps
BEVCOMM16,64121000 mbps
Molalla Communications Company16,57711000 mbps
Rochester Telephone Company16,56411000 mbps
Auburn Essential Services16,44911000 mbps
WestPAnet16,27911000 mbps
Reedsburg Utility Commission16,22911000 mbps
Heritage Telephone Company16,148125 mbps
Whip City Fiber16,09711000 mbps
Green Mountain Access15,91111000 mbps
Fibersphere15,82611000 mbps
Hopkinsville Electric System15,7431999 mbps
Piedmont Rural Telephone Cooperative15,7021100 mbps
Pinnacle Communications15,63821000 mbps
ITS Fiber15,52211000 mbps
Stayton Cooperative Telephone Company15,32811000 mbps
Mitchell Telecom15,32411000 mbps
RTC Communications15,238113 mbps
North Penn15,22611000 mbps
OpenBand15,1831100 mbps
Fusion Media15,158115 mbps
Lake Region Technology & Communications15,0741100 mbps
Antietam Broadband15,05211000 mbps
Southwest Arkansas Telephone Cooperative14,96821000 mbps
Marquette-Adams Telephone Cooperative14,8421200 mbps
EPB Smartnet14,75411000 mbps
Scottsboro Electric Power Board14,5701100 mbps
Federated Telephone Cooperative14,4851300 mbps
Consolidated Telcom14,4652100 mbps
CimTel14,457115 mbps
Citizens14,45011000 mbps
ComSouth14,376150 mbps
CP-Tel Network Services14,372140 mbps
Mid-Rivers Telephone Cooperative14,35011000 mbps
Reservation Telephone Cooperative14,32821000 mbps
Communications Access Cooperative Holding Enterprise14,2561250 mbps
PAXIO14,123110000 mbps
Kingdom Telephone14,05311000 mbps
Eastern Oregon Telecom13,99611000 mbps

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