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Fiber Broadband Providers in the USA

Manchester-Hartland Telephone Company1,6511
Dubois Telephone Exchange1,6432
Kennebec Telephone Company1,6121
Missouri Telecom1,5992
Unwired Ltd1,5991
People's Telephone Company1,5891
LaValle Telephone Cooperative1,5881
Web-Access Broadband1,5751100+ mbps
County of Nelson1,5671
La Jicarita Rural Telephone Cooperative1,5651
Cooperative Telephone Exchange1,5541
702 Communications1,5292
Lincolnville Telephone Company1,5281
Pine Telephone Systems1,5161
Oran Mutual Telephone Company1,4791100+ mbps
River Valley Telecommunications Coop1,4641
OTT Communications1,4212
Central Oklahoma Telephone1,4201
Velocity Telephone1,4151
Jade Communications1,4121
Eastern Shore Communications1,4092
Woodhull Community Telephone Company1,3471
Christensen Communications Company1,2751
Consolidated Telephone Company1,2361
Keene Valley Video1,2301100+ mbps
Medicine Park Telephone Co1,2291
Diode Communications1,2071
Rebeltec Communications1,1981
South Florida Digital Alliance1,1721
Stratford Mutual Telephone Company1,1671
Franklin Telephone1,1441
Gorham Telephone Company1,1341
Reynolds Telephone Company1,1291
Volcano Internet Provider1,1281
Farmers Mutual Telephone Company1,1281
Rothsay Telephone Company1,1091
Oneida Telephone Exchange1,1071
Southern Montana Telephone Company1,0711100+ mbps
North-State Telephone1,0671
JBN Telephone Company1,0641100+ mbps
Farmers Mutual Cooperative Telephone Company1,0621
Craw-Kan Telephone Cooperative1,0472
City of Thomasville1,0071
Miles Cooperative Telephone Association9861
Lismore Cooperative Telephone Company9811
Bluebird Network9662
Milaca Local Link9461
Sierra Communications9381
Newwave Communications9321100+ mbps
Axiom Technologies9071
Lakeside Telephone Company9031
Nebraska Central Telephone8951
Service Electric Cablevision89410.7+ mbps
Spiral Communications8813
St. John Cable8711
Vogtmann Engineering8581
Volo Broadband8111
Nelsonville TV Cable80913.0+ mbps
Sledge Telephone8081
Arena One8043
Range Telephone Cooperative7731100+ mbps
Northwest Communications7561
Royal Telephone Company7541
Inter-Community Telephone7031
S&A Telephone Company6841
Hershey Cooperative Telephone Company6821100+ mbps
Geetel Communications6441
Hillsboro Telephone Company63816.0+ mbps
Central Iowa Broadband6181
Pine Belt Communications6131
McCormack Ellington Telecom6051
RC Technologies6031
Spring Valley Telephone Company5961
Northwest Communications5761
Unggoy Broadband5161
Titonka-Burt Communications5101
North Country Broadband50216.0+ mbps
Eagle Telephone System4851100+ mbps
Greenfield Communications4801
Visionary Communications4804
Sacred Wind Communications Inc4771
Fibre Alaska4251
North West Net4131
Farmers Telecommunications3961
Farber Telephone Company38916.0+ mbps
New Windsor Telephone Company3761
DFT Communications3751
Flint River Communications3561
CT Communications3551

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