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Fixed Wireless Internet Providers

Enter your zip code below to find which Fixed Wireless providers offer service in your area.

Providers Offering Fixed Wireless Service

We've found 1576 providers offering Fixed Wireless service in the US. Below are stats on their coverage and speeds.

Prairie Hills Wireless6,6213150 mbps
360 Communications6,62026.0 mbps
RCI Communications6,59711000 mbps
Cowboy.net6,539110 mbps
Grand Avenue Broadband6,473115 mbps
Golden Valley Cable & Communications6,44316.0 mbps
SkyTechBB6,3312300 mbps
Bluestem Network6,331121 mbps
Eastern Indiana Wifi6,2321102 mbps
KWISP Wireless Internet Services6,156112 mbps
WiValley6,118250 mbps
Spry Wireless6,108130 mbps
Mayfield Electric & Water Systems6,09113.0 mbps
AARIS6,070110 mbps
SETEL5,974210 mbps
Cumberland Telephone Company5,940110 mbps
Eagle Communications5,929315 mbps
CentraCom5,816150 mbps
Plains Internet5,7641195 mbps
HardyNet5,7521200 mbps
Sandhill ConNEXTions5,71116.0 mbps
Nates Net5,70011.5 mbps
Custer Telephone Broadband Services5,684110 mbps
WiFiRus5,676160 mbps
Mountain Mesh5,666124 mbps
PowerNet5,646150 mbps
SkyFi WISPernet5,646150 mbps
DTC Wireless5,64113.0 mbps
Chaparral Cable5,624590 mbps
Pasty.NET5,523730 mbps
Community Digital Wireless5,51519.0 mbps
Vyve Broadband5,50613.0 mbps
High Desert Air5,4911100 mbps
MiBroadband5,441250 mbps
Quicknet5,43811.5 mbps
Amarillo Wireless5,420151 mbps
OptimERA WiFi5,4031200 mbps
Alsat Wireless5,389127 mbps
Tyson Communications5,307120 mbps
St. Maries Gazette Record5,26113.0 mbps
Neighborhood Wireless5,2341100 mbps
Native American Telecom5,181120 mbps
Lazernet5,142115 mbps
Affinity Technology Solutions5,1381100 mbps
ClickNet5,079120 mbps
Leapstream5,04714.0 mbps
KQVA.net5,03836.0 mbps
Valliant Telephone Company5,00513.0 mbps
Symplified Technologies Wireless Internet4,9961200 mbps
SynkroMAX Internet4,928120 mbps
Orcas Online4,913110 mbps
ProTek Comunications4,863150 mbps
AirCell4,7881100 mbps
Poka Lambro4,75514.0 mbps
Bridger Valley Electric4,694115 mbps
Night Owl Internet4,687126 mbps
Elite Broadband4,665125 mbps
Landmark Wireless4,64216.0 mbps
WNMC CLEC4,620125 mbps
OTC Connections4,540110 mbps
Nittany Media4,430154 mbps
United Services4,42813.0 mbps
Cobalt Ridge4,412181 mbps
Hospitality Wireless4,410175 mbps
Cityless Internet Services LLC4,367110 mbps
AiroNet4,3031200 mbps
Accel Wireless4,282149 mbps
Warm Springs Telecom4,28216.0 mbps
Central Nevada Communications & Electric4,2301100 mbps
Santa Rosa Telephone Cooperative4,22616.0 mbps
Indian Creek Internet Services4,22412.0 mbps
Sylvernet4,17217.0 mbps
MooseBytes4,164230 mbps
Resonance Broadband4,129112 mbps
Skyfi Wireless4,09616.0 mbps
Rural Technology Group4,07413.0 mbps
Geetel Communications4,04013.0 mbps
Xstream Wireless4,033225 mbps
CougarWireless4,021230 mbps
Central Texas Telecommunications3,99914.0 mbps
Stealth Broadband3,9962200 mbps
Ashland Fiber Network3,93416.0 mbps
Softworx Incorporated3,932110 mbps
Red Spectrum Communications3,923225 mbps
PC Telcom3,917212 mbps
MTE Communications3,910310 mbps
Legacy Internet3,906120 mbps
Sandhills Wireless3,894110 mbps
WifiCow Internet3,858114 mbps
La Motte Telephone Company3,83415.0 mbps
SmartBurst3,832130 mbps
Arx Web3,827275 mbps
MiWave3,7641100 mbps
Cyberpine Cooperative3,75811.5 mbps
Community Internet Services3,751220 mbps
Denton Internet3,749120 mbps
Arivaca3,73713.0 mbps
Otter Tail Telcom3,73016.0 mbps
Workable Programming and Systems3,62134.0 mbps