Fixed Wireless Internet Providers

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Providers Offering Fixed Wireless Service

We've found 1537 providers offering Fixed Wireless service in the US. Below are stats on their coverage and speeds.

Coulee Internet Services3,572125 mbps
Cedar Communications3,54415.0 mbps
Ridgetop Networks3,543115 mbps
H&B Communications3,54113.0 mbps
IVUE3,525125 mbps
Cobalt Ridge3,452160 mbps
OurayNet3,431110 mbps
Mountain iNet3,426120 mbps
Clarkson Wireless3,385125 mbps
Echo Broadband3,3521205 mbps
SouthWAN Internet3,3491100 mbps
RainWare3,346125 mbps
Global Net3,301173 mbps
Plains Internet3,292120 mbps
ACT3,284150 mbps
NEMR Telecom3,26710.768 mbps
Dash Wireless3,24416.0 mbps
Tamworth Wireless Cooperative3,23111.5 mbps
A.C.T.S.3,15311000 mbps
Mud Lake Telephone3,147110 mbps
Info-Ed3,142210 mbps
Northern Nevada High Speed Internet3,127110 mbps
InnovativeAir3,0721200 mbps
Lamar Wireless2,996120 mbps
Netlive Networks2,9711100 mbps
BethesdaWireless2,969150 mbps
Star Communications2,96811.0 mbps
Guthrie Center Communications2,96814.0 mbps
MiWave2,955131 mbps
Nedernet2,933112 mbps
Total Radio Service2,92812.0 mbps
Red Spectrum Communications2,927225 mbps
DSLbyAir2,915250 mbps
Mohawk Networks2,907150 mbps
Heartland Net2,89913.0 mbps
SkyNet Communications2,872150 mbps
Montrose Mutual Telephone Company2,86511.5 mbps
Magazine Telephone Company2,852140 mbps
United Services2,82513.0 mbps
InteliPort2,81711.5 mbps
WiFiRus2,81516.0 mbps
Mechanicsville Telephone Company2,80612.0 mbps
ASTAC2,79311.5 mbps
Nixon's Solutions2,786120 mbps
UniFi North2,7691250 mbps
RuralWaves2,73816.0 mbps
Telecom West2,7331100 mbps
Community Connect2,71816.0 mbps
Orbitel Communications2,717120 mbps
Wire Free Nebraska2,69915.0 mbps
LVWifi.com2,690112 mbps
High Mountain Farm Broadband2,662175 mbps
Front Range Internet2,65511000 mbps
Wysper2,627250 mbps
Hidden Lake Wireless2,60011.0 mbps
New Paris Telephone2,572110 mbps
NexGen Wireless2,570125 mbps
Visual Link Internet2,550116 mbps
Oso Internet Solutions2,52111000 mbps
Howard's HighSpeed2,520120 mbps
FJ Communications2,514110 mbps
RTC Communications2,48316.0 mbps
Ciello2,4821100 mbps
City of Coffeyville2,45528.0 mbps
Mojave Development2,45111.5 mbps
SkyFrequency2,44416.0 mbps
Pinged Networks2,436130 mbps
Electronic Solutions2,42313.0 mbps
Cooperative Telephone Company2,40013.0 mbps
TV Association of Republic2,367110 mbps
PennWisp2,353115 mbps
Vertical Broadband2,313150 mbps
Emerald Broadband2,276130 mbps
EBTX Wireless2,267120 mbps
ZetaLink2,2671100 mbps
Gamewood Technology Group2,26411.5 mbps
360 Communications (OK)2,26311000 mbps
laser image2,232110 mbps
BySky2,2191100 mbps
Wavelinx2,179210 mbps
Schat.net2,17911.5 mbps
CyberBroadband2,1511488 mbps
Ringtel Communications2,15025.0 mbps
Country Mile Wireless2,136220 mbps
Beasley Wireless2,12614.0 mbps
Stream IT Networks2,114132 mbps
Kinex Telecom2,111125 mbps
River Valley Internet2,1111100 mbps
MosierWiNet2,0962100 mbps
Falcon Internet2,0871106 mbps
Anterior Broadband2,086130 mbps
WTC2,081110 mbps
American Broadband Missouri2,07515.0 mbps
Haviland Telephone Company2,037120 mbps
iSpeed Internet2,034231 mbps
Prairieburg Telephone Company2,020110 mbps
CSI4GINTERNET2,013120 mbps
Olin Telephone Company2,000110 mbps

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