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Fixed Wireless Broadband Providers in the USA

Valliant Telephone Company5,0051
United Services4,95610.7+ mbps
AirFiber WISP4,8551
Peak WiFi4,8101
360 Communications4,7982100+ mbps
Landmark Electronics4,64216.0+ mbps
EBTX Wireless4,6241
Go Bee Wireless4,51313.0+ mbps
Global Net4,4711
Skyfi Wireless4,46416.0+ mbps
Nittany Media4,4301
Intercept Wireless4,42513.0+ mbps
Hospitality Wireless4,4101
Wilson Creek Communications4,3871
Wireless Data Net4,3861
Twin Mounds4,38410.7+ mbps
Cityless Internet Services LLC4,3671100+ mbps
SETEL4,2582100+ mbps
Xoom Link4,2531
SkyHi Broadband4,246125+ mbps
Vertical Horizon Networks4,2381
Central Nevada Communications & Electric4,2301100+ mbps
Geetel Communications4,22810.7+ mbps
Indian Creek Internet Services4,22410.2+ mbps
Warm Springs Telecom4,18011.5+ mbps
Gamewood Technology Group4,1751
Comteck of Indiana4,17511.5+ mbps
Sylvernet4,172110+ mbps
Xstream Wireless4,1701100+ mbps
Rural Technology Group4,07410.7+ mbps
Mojave WiFi4,0401
NETEO High Speed Internet4,0191
Central Texas Telecommunications3,99911.5+ mbps
GTT Communications3,9987
Fastlink Communications3,9742
Ashland Fiber Network3,93416.0+ mbps
RACC Enterprises3,897125+ mbps
Sandhills Wireless3,8941100+ mbps
Wire Free Nebraska3,83913.0+ mbps
T3 VoiceNet3,8381
La Motte Telephone Company3,83413.0+ mbps
Hotwire Communications3,8213
Palousetronics3,80816.0+ mbps
Prairie Hills Wireless3,7985
Cyberpine Cooperative3,7581
Community Internet Services3,7512100+ mbps
Arivaca3,73710.7+ mbps
Otter Tail Telcom3,72016.0+ mbps
Az AirNet3,6761100+ mbps
Northwest Communications Cooperative3,667125+ mbps
Peetz Cooperative Telephone Company3,6162
Mahaska Communication Group3,6081
PMLDnet.com3,60616.0+ mbps
Methownet3,6041100+ mbps
Info-Ed3,57426.0+ mbps
Coulee Internet Services3,5721
Plains Internet3,5611
Onetone Telecom3,5471100+ mbps
H&B Communications3,54110.7+ mbps
Cedar Communications3,51113.0+ mbps
OurayNet3,4311100+ mbps
Fourway Computer Products3,3573
Bridger Valley Electric3,3111100+ mbps
Symplified Technologies Wireless Internet3,2701100+ mbps
Northeast Missouri Rural Telephone Company3,2671
Hawaii Dialogix Telecom3,2581
Denton Internet3,2491
Dash Wireless3,24416.0+ mbps
Tamworth Wireless Cooperative3,2311
RuralWaves3,20510.2+ mbps
Ridgetop Networks3,1851
Heartland Net3,15810.7+ mbps
Mud Lake Telephone3,1471100+ mbps
Chase 30003,1361
NineStar Communications3,0991
rNetworks Wireless Broadband3,0891
Lismore Cooperative Telephone Company3,0171
Netlive Networks2,9711
Total Radio Service2,92810.2+ mbps
Declaration Networks Group2,8672
MTE Communications2,86526.0+ mbps
Montrose Mutual Telephone Company2,8651
Mechanicsville Telephone Company2,80610.2+ mbps
American Broadband Missouri2,72113.0+ mbps
Community Connect2,71816.0+ mbps
SCTelcom2,7112100+ mbps

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