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Fixed Wireless Internet Providers

Enter your zip code below to find which Fixed Wireless providers offer service in your area.

Providers Offering Fixed Wireless Service

We've found 1544 providers offering Fixed Wireless service in the US. Below are stats on their coverage and speeds.

River Valley Internet2,1111100 mbps
Haviland Telephone Company2,100120 mbps
Net NV2,0921100 mbps
WTC2,089110 mbps
Anterior Broadband2,086130 mbps
iSpeed Internet2,032132 mbps
Prairieburg Telephone Company2,020110 mbps
CSI4GINTERNET2,013120 mbps
Northwest Communications Cooperative1,987140 mbps
RACC Enterprises1,984150 mbps
Round Top Wifi1,980125 mbps
Gulf Coast Wifi1,978125 mbps
TC Wireless1,97716.0 mbps
CTC1,964150 mbps
Gamewood Technology Group1,95911.5 mbps
Eleven Dimensions1,95213.0 mbps
Smart City1,93711000 mbps
Simply Broadband Solutions1,902125 mbps
Flatwater Wireless1,892150 mbps
Stream IT Networks1,868120 mbps
Slopeside Internet1,805112 mbps
StraightUpNet1,792150 mbps
WARP1,781240 mbps
Balatize Broadband Services1,732110 mbps
Lakeland Internet1,726325 mbps
Countrywide Wireless1,714115 mbps
FiberXStream1,6971105 mbps
Beehive Broadband1,594240 mbps
TerraNovaNet1,587150 mbps
Eagle Internet Services1,56814.0 mbps
Grayson Collin Communications1,5481100 mbps
NISHNANET1,5251200 mbps
Craw-Kan Telephone Cooperative1,51511.5 mbps
STT Rural Net1,475125 mbps
Flashpoint ISP1,474170 mbps
Reinbeck Telecommunications Utility1,468125 mbps
Ruhl Moore Technologies1,430115 mbps
TriCounty Broadband1,42813.0 mbps
Whitestone Power & Communications1,4211500 mbps
Le-Ru Telephone Company1,41311.0 mbps
Vast Broadband1,412125 mbps
Hot Springs Telephone Company1,38811.5 mbps
Smoky Valley Internet1,377110 mbps
TecInfo1,358225 mbps
Massena Telephone Company1,354110 mbps
Velocity Broadband1,345150 mbps
Hilltown Networks1,305125 mbps
Corn Belt Telephone Company1,302115 mbps
Sidewinder Networks1,3001100 mbps
Adept Internet Solutions1,297120 mbps
SmartCom Telephone1,291110 mbps
Christensen Communications Company1,287125 mbps
Siren Telephone Company1,28315.0 mbps
Yellowstone Media Design1,282150 mbps
Air Link1,279197 mbps
Above All Wireless1,259120 mbps
Locl.Net1,252426 mbps
Rural Farm Networks1,210115 mbps
Wi-Five Broadband1,17719.0 mbps
Dakota Central Telecommunications1,16611.5 mbps
Agility Internet Services1,158110 mbps
Premier Communications1,149110 mbps
Allamakee-Clayton Electric Cooperative1,125115 mbps
Easy Net1,123149 mbps
Inland Networks1,10911.0 mbps
SOCS Wireless1,107149 mbps
CTC1,10016.0 mbps
Ascent Broadband1,096175 mbps
CV Wireless LLC1,094110 mbps
Twin Valley Communications1,09212.0 mbps
CenturyLink1,08325.0 mbps
Rio Cities1,081132 mbps
Farmers Mutual Cooperative Telephone Company1,078125 mbps
LR Communications1,0722100 mbps
Panora Telco1,049110 mbps
American Broadband Missouri1,03915.0 mbps
Leap Communications1,039140 mbps
UPNETWI1,038129 mbps
Mid-Rivers Telephone Cooperative1,03411.5 mbps
Microtek-Solutions1,032120 mbps
Pinnacles Telephone1,024110 mbps
Northern AZ Select Net999120 mbps
Etex986110 mbps
Bspeedy Wireless986140 mbps
Comspan Communications982190 mbps
Hilltop Broadband9641500 mbps
Uplink959350 mbps
SIFIBE959116 mbps
Cloud 9 Wireless950250 mbps
Always On Internet915120 mbps
North Georgia Network913125 mbps
Esparto Broadband, Inc.909150 mbps
Skywaves Broadband906150 mbps
High Rapid Networks8891500 mbps
EXSTREAM Wireless Internet882110 mbps
Moose Lake Water & Light Commission88212.0 mbps
Aeron Wireless8791100 mbps
DM-Tech83611000 mbps
1 Point Communications830110 mbps

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