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Fixed Wireless Internet Providers

Enter your zip code below to find which Fixed Wireless providers offer service in your area.

Providers Offering Fixed Wireless Service

We've found 1576 providers offering Fixed Wireless service in the US. Below are stats on their coverage and speeds.

DM-Tech83611000 mbps
1 Point Communications830110 mbps
Element Wireless813145 mbps
DerbyNet79911.5 mbps
Wellman Cooperative Telephone Association79613.0 mbps
Big Bay Broadband76910.768 mbps
Digital Example764150 mbps
Airhawk Wireless759125 mbps
United/Turtle Mountain Communications75413.0 mbps
CresComm Broadband749159 mbps
Skyfi Internet729120 mbps
WISPRENN727110 mbps
GCET7191150 mbps
Southern Broadband7111100 mbps
Ayrshire Farmers Mutual Telephone Company71018.0 mbps
Paladin Wireless7051107 mbps
Huxley Communications Cooperative70218.0 mbps
Lone Rock Cooperative Telephone Company700125 mbps
Liberty Broadband LLC6971100 mbps
Supervision68713.0 mbps
SkyWirez687120 mbps
Mid MO Micro Computers682110 mbps
Pathwayz Communications672120 mbps
North Branch Networks641110 mbps
Rocket Connect6251100 mbps
Eastsierra.net623120 mbps
Midwest Connections601250 mbps
Table Top Telephone Company600115 mbps
Clarks Fork Wireless5981100 mbps
Federated Telephone Cooperative5881100 mbps
Dell Telephone Cooperative57427.0 mbps
IAMO Wireless56613.0 mbps
AVISP564137 mbps
Two Tin Cans552120 mbps
Ayacht Technology Solutions5451100 mbps
M-22 Internet Project537110 mbps
Jump Wireless526120 mbps
Lake Country Internet510150 mbps
Mobile Communications, LLC509150 mbps
Zumacom507125 mbps
Brainstorm Internet506150 mbps
Western Montana Broadband503120 mbps
A.C.T.S.5021100 mbps
QRO High-Speed Internet of Idaho50213.0 mbps
TMU49516.0 mbps
RidgeTop Internet492111 mbps
West Texas Rural Telephone Coop481110 mbps
Orchard Wirelessnet462110 mbps
Southern Internet4591100 mbps
Southwest Arkansas Telephone Cooperative45814.0 mbps
Anza Electric Cooperative440150 mbps
Fibre Alaska42511000 mbps
Argent Communications42216.0 mbps
Wamsutter.US4171100 mbps
Aan Chuuphan40813.0 mbps
CSS Communications4071100 mbps
Straight Shot Wireless404120 mbps
Lexsar Solutions396110 mbps
Yeoman Telephone Company389110 mbps
Fool Creek Wireless356120 mbps
Farmers Mutual Telephone Company35521000 mbps
NETWORX Technologies341110 mbps
Boycom324110 mbps
MegaWatt Communications32211000 mbps
Lone Pine Communications320125 mbps
5D Networks319149 mbps
The Snowcloud3191100 mbps
Last Mile Wireless3111100 mbps
Rural JetNet310120 mbps
Easton Utilities Commission30611.0 mbps
Pacific Independent Technology Alliance304150 mbps
Gridley Telephone Co29211.5 mbps
Lavalink291115 mbps
up.net287120 mbps
Chappy WISP283150 mbps
Hidden Valley Broadband277112 mbps
PennInternet269180 mbps
New Wave Broadband262140 mbps
Nucla Naturita Telephone254110 mbps
NineStar Connect25111.0 mbps
Fishers Island Telephone Corp23611.5 mbps
Veloxinet230115 mbps
Crossroads Broadband22713.0 mbps
LHTC Broadband219110 mbps
ETex Rural Broadband218150 mbps
Nyecom Teleservices20318.0 mbps
Dillon Beach Internet Service202150 mbps
Kawaika Hanu Internet183110 mbps
Advantenon1822100 mbps
XIT Communications180120 mbps
325 Internet177130 mbps
Fort Valley Utility Commission16515.0 mbps
Gigabeam Internet164120 mbps
Tom's Synkro Internet155110 mbps
LightGig Communications1531N/A
Skamokawa Internet Services1461100 mbps
Maxwire141120 mbps
Southwest Texas Communications13913.0 mbps
Madison Gigabit Internet1351100 mbps