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Fixed Wireless Internet Providers

Enter your zip code below to find which Fixed Wireless providers offer service in your area.

Providers Offering Fixed Wireless Service

We've found 1576 providers offering Fixed Wireless service in the US. Below are stats on their coverage and speeds.

Olin Telephone Company134120 mbps
Lake County Broadband Solutions1211100 mbps
DTE1102100 mbps
Stelle Telephone Company10315.0 mbps
Gifford Wireless991100 mbps
HallsNet90110 mbps
Gila Broadband901100 mbps
Andrena89150 mbps
La Jicarita Rural Telephone Cooperative8816.0 mbps
Dry Creek Internet & Communications81125 mbps
North Dakota Telephone Company7711.0 mbps
Hill Country Wireless & Technology72151 mbps
Hankins Information Technology71150 mbps
Rarity Communications6311000 mbps
LightStream6212.0 mbps
Internet Kmoraine5916.0 mbps
GigaLinx55150 mbps
Lynxx Networks5310.768 mbps
Innovatech IT Service Solutions52135 mbps
GOES Telecom38110 mbps
Solarus3415.0 mbps
RT Communications30230 mbps
Allband Communications Cooperative29140 mbps
Ketchikan Public Utilities28110 mbps
Iowa Connect1818.0 mbps
Coastinet.com17118 mbps
Pioneer Telephone Company11110 mbps
Verde Valley Internet9125 mbps
Wells Community Internet Project91100 mbps
ATC Communications4150 mbps
Windstream--231000 mbps
Towerstream--191000 mbps
XO Communications--181000 mbps
Spectrotel--15140 mbps
Tailwind--131000 mbps
GTT Communications--101000 mbps
M2 nGage--81000 mbps
Atlantech Online--8N/A
Hotwire Communications--71000 mbps
California Telecom--6N/A
Compudyne--530 mbps
One Ring Networks--51000 mbps
TPx Communications--5100 mbps
TCC Networks--41000 mbps
Tampnet--31.0 mbps
Stimulus Technologies--31000 mbps
Affiniti--3230 mbps
Citynet--320 mbps
Startouch--31000 mbps
Wonderwave Wireless--210 mbps
Vector Data Systems--275 mbps
Harbor Communications--220 mbps
Advanced Technology Group--2100 mbps
Convergence Technologies--2500 mbps
WiLine Networks--21000 mbps
PowerNet Global--2100 mbps
WANSecurity Wireless--21200 mbps
Tierzero--250 mbps
Data@ccess Communication--2N/A
Allied Telecom Group--21000 mbps
Nexogy--120 mbps
Rayfield Communications--1100 mbps
Sky Path Internet--1100 mbps
Fortis Telecom--125 mbps
Freeway Communications--1100 mbps
Groot Internet Services--150 mbps
Trinicom Communications--1N/A
NetGain Information Systems Company--1N/A
Clair Global--1100 mbps
Dalton Telephone--155 mbps
Tampa Bay Fiber--1200 mbps
Xclutel Communications--1100 mbps
WebNX--11000 mbps
QXC Communications--11000 mbps
Hawaii Dialogix Telecom--1300 mbps
Grant PUD--17.0 mbps
Omnispring--1200 mbps
Rooftop Data--1500 mbps
Metro Wireless--11000 mbps
Xoom Link--120 mbps
Spark Fiber--1110 mbps
RevTel--150 mbps
CCT Telecomm--130 mbps
SyncGlobal Telecom--1100 mbps
NP Information Systems--110 mbps
Tekify Fiber & Wireless--11000 mbps
Universal Connectivity--140 mbps
Velocity Telephone--1100 mbps
Vision Net--1300 mbps
Web Fire Communications--110 mbps
TWR Communications--13.0 mbps
Syringa Networks--110 mbps
T3 VoiceNet--1N/A
Sterling Communications--1100 mbps
WorldNet--115 mbps
FPUAnet Communications--150 mbps
Optivon--1100 mbps
Pacific Wave Telecom--1100 mbps
Cyber Protection Group--1100 mbps