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Fixed Wireless Internet Providers

Enter your zip code below to find which Fixed Wireless providers offer service in your area.

Providers Offering Fixed Wireless Service

We've found 1577 providers offering Fixed Wireless service in the US. Below are stats on their coverage and speeds.

Cyber Protection Group--1100 mbps
Advantage Telecom--1100 mbps
Quantum Internet & Telephone--11000 mbps
Echo IT Consulting--120 mbps
WAVE.BAND--1400 mbps
Noroc Broadband--16.0 mbps
IVNet--16.0 mbps
Interlync Internet Sevices--10.768 mbps
ICS Advanced Technologies--150 mbps
IguanaNet--140 mbps
Kinetix--13.0 mbps
Indiana Telephone Network--140 mbps
Lantek--110 mbps
Last Mile Research--110 mbps mbps
KPBIZnet--13.0 mbps
Mason County PUD #3--13.0 mbps
Gaslight Media--110 mbps
Franklin County PUD #1--13.0 mbps
Epproach Communications--11.5 mbps
Conterra Ultra Broadband--1100 mbps
CS Technologies--13.0 mbps
CyberNet Communications--16.0 mbps
Jersey Shore Wireless--16.0 mbps
Believe Wireless Broadband--110 mbps
Basin Broadband--16.0 mbps
Critical Hub Networks--110 mbps
BluegrassNet--1100 mbps
Infostructure--110 mbps
Zayo--11000 mbps
Florida High Speed Internet--11000 mbps
Jamestown Networks--150 mbps
Joytel--1700 mbps
BroadAspect--11000 mbps
Seimitsu--110 mbps
Snappy Internet & Telecom--120 mbps
Roller Network--1300 mbps
Neptuno Networks--110 mbps
BelWave Communications--1200 mbps
MHO Networks--110 mbps
Velocity Online--125 mbps
Transwave Communications Systems--150 mbps
Benton PUD--13.0 mbps
Alternative Choice Wireless--11000 mbps mbps
VCX Technologies--11.5 mbps mbps
WestNet--135 mbps
Webjogger Internet Services--145 mbps
Vista Broadband Networks--1N/A
Zing Wireless--16.0 mbps
FirstLight--11.5 mbps
Texas Communications--115 mbps
Single Digits--150 mbps
StarLinX Technical Services--13.0 mbps
Public Utility District No. 1 of Douglas County--130 mbps
ProTronics Technologies--150 mbps
Great Lakes Communication Corp.--0N/A
XAirNet--110 mbps
SmartNet--150 mbps
PR Wi-Fi--13.0 mbps
CoquiTel--120 mbps
IP Solutions--110 mbps
Bluesky Communications--14.0 mbps
Broadband VI--125 mbps
Viya--1200 mbps
Surge Communications--1100 mbps
VPNet--150 mbps
NTS Communications--0N/A
eConnect Wifi--0N/A
Data-Max Wireless--0N/A
Farmers Mutual Telephone Company--0N/A
Kricket Internet Services--0N/A
i29 Wireless--0N/A
Midstate Communications--0N/A
Lincoln County Telephone System--0N/A