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Fixed Wireless Internet Providers

Enter your zip code below to find which Fixed Wireless providers offer service in your area.

Providers Offering Fixed Wireless Service

We've found 1576 providers offering Fixed Wireless service in the US. Below are stats on their coverage and speeds.

Fireball Internet122,9791250 mbps
Natel122,7791100 mbps
Rocky Mountain Internet122,43113.0 mbps
Gardonville Telephone120,973245 mbps
Red Shift119,958150 mbps
Comelec Internet Services119,880940 mbps
Farm to Market Broadband118,63113.0 mbps
Desert iNET118,067110 mbps
Limitless Mobile118,008110 mbps
Roll-Call117,8801250 mbps
Aire Internet117,016350 mbps
NetsurfUSA116,972150 mbps
Gecko Inter.Net116,96311.5 mbps
Reynolds Telephone Company116,69513.0 mbps
FiberComm116,436310 mbps
NCI Datacom116,1181120 mbps
FULLnet114,77211.5 mbps
BackWoods Wireless114,71211.5 mbps
AirRunner Networks, LLC114,611125 mbps
Digitex.com113,65116.0 mbps
Western Communications113,147130 mbps
Chariton Valley Telecom113,02515.0 mbps
Horizon Wireless112,735110 mbps
Nex-Tech112,644220 mbps
LigTel Communications112,477110 mbps
WaveComm110,91726.0 mbps
LightSpeed Technologies110,30511.5 mbps
North Coast Internet110,082110 mbps
Leaco110,05723.0 mbps
5G-X109,7631100 mbps
Remotely Located109,345120 mbps
Pioneer Telephone Cooperative108,69113.0 mbps
HiHart107,776110 mbps
Blue Pulse Networks107,695140 mbps
Benton REA PowerNET106,3151100 mbps
Citizens Communications Broadband105,522120 mbps
Kaptel105,006230 mbps
XtreamInternet104,812150 mbps
PVT Networks103,495115 mbps
Highspeed Country Internet102,0831100 mbps
SCS Broadband101,49011000 mbps
Geneva On-Line100,627220 mbps
RCC Wireless100,23610.768 mbps
Cascom99,931110 mbps
Rural Reach99,352225 mbps
MediaNet Wireless99,223130 mbps
AirFiber98,274230 mbps
Home Town Network97,821112 mbps
Skynet Broadband97,162120 mbps
Ace Tekk Wireless Internet97,12911.5 mbps
RevNet Technologies97,032115 mbps
Mark Twain Communications96,9261100 mbps
CTWA95,793120 mbps
Mechcom Dot Net95,632110 mbps
Wireless Etc.94,945130 mbps
Colorado Wireless Exchange Cooperative94,51816.0 mbps
RAA Data Services93,526220 mbps
Wicked Broadband92,02116.0 mbps
Bitwise Wireless90,67016.0 mbps
Bright.Net North90,418125 mbps
Conifer Communications90,1941100 mbps
Broadway Broadband88,67913.0 mbps
BBWI87,397312 mbps
Country Wireless87,36813.0 mbps
Outback Internet87,142125 mbps
Air Net, LLC86,47416.0 mbps
Blue Mule Wireless86,114150 mbps
AiroComm86,1081100 mbps
TekWav85,85413.0 mbps
Tsunami-Wireless85,47216.0 mbps
Pinpoint Communications84,992310 mbps
Arvig84,17115.0 mbps
Pioneer Wireless83,96611.5 mbps
Plainsnet83,41713.0 mbps
OneSource Communications83,390110 mbps
NorthfieldWiFi82,632150 mbps
WireTower82,590115 mbps
Access Broadband82,227210 mbps
Plateau82,16011000 mbps
NewarkNet Wireless82,07813.0 mbps
OOLWireless82,00016.0 mbps
Action Communications81,428231 mbps
Wabash Mutual Telephone81,424225 mbps
UP Logon81,24016.0 mbps
AFES Network Services80,986120 mbps
Net3 ISP80,393150 mbps
West Michigan Wireless ISP80,07313.0 mbps
Avolve79,35216.0 mbps
LTD Broadband79,2053250 mbps
Diode Communications78,556216 mbps
Bravado Wireless77,301110 mbps
Southwestern Wireless76,53125.0 mbps
ATC Communications76,387112 mbps
AllureTech CoffeyNet74,302112 mbps
Rio Verde Wireless73,960110 mbps
AC Wireless73,79914.0 mbps
River Delta Wireless72,689112 mbps
KilliansNet71,566225 mbps
ATI Networks71,498110 mbps
Omega 171,155110 mbps