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Fixed Wireless Broadband Providers in the USA

Lawrence Freenet92,02116.0+ mbps
Spectrum Online Services91,4621100+ mbps
Bolt Internet90,68813.0+ mbps
Bitwise Wireless90,67016.0+ mbps
Total Highspeed Internet90,6402
Broadway Broadband88,67910.7+ mbps
Sharon Telephone88,1291
NewWays Networking88,02126.0+ mbps
Access Ohio Valley87,82210.7+ mbps
Country Wireless87,36810.7+ mbps
BridgeMAXX Wireless86,8902100+ mbps
Hofnet Communications86,8591100+ mbps
Air Net, LLC86,47416.0+ mbps
Hy-Rail Communications86,1681100+ mbps
Blue Mule Wireless86,1141
TekWav85,85410.7+ mbps
Internet Texoma85,7311
Tsunami-Wireless85,47216.0+ mbps
Pinpoint Communications84,99233.0+ mbps
BBWI84,73831.5+ mbps
Arvig84,17113.0+ mbps
Pioneer Wireless83,9661
Plainsnet83,41710.7+ mbps
OneSource Communications83,3901100+ mbps
Bays-ET82,6241100+ mbps
Outback Internet82,5931
Plateau82,13013.0+ mbps
NewarkNet Wireless82,07810.7+ mbps
OOLWireless82,00016.0+ mbps
Mark Twain Communications81,6201100+ mbps
UP Logon81,24016.0+ mbps
AFES Network Services80,98611.5+ mbps
702 Communications80,8332
West Michigan Wireless ISP80,07310.7+ mbps
Avolve79,35216.0+ mbps
Action Communications78,4612
BeamSpeed78,27533.0+ mbps
Portative Technologies78,1461100+ mbps
Bravado Wireless77,3011100+ mbps
ATC Communications76,3871
Wabash Mutual Telephone75,76020.7+ mbps
Telebeep Wireless75,1661100+ mbps
IVNet74,97616.0+ mbps
SCS Broadband74,4801
Rio Verde Wireless73,9601100+ mbps
AC Wireless73,79911.5+ mbps
Southwestern Wireless72,80123.0+ mbps
River Delta Wireless72,6891
Twin Wireless72,2731100+ mbps
ATI Networks71,4981100+ mbps
Omega 171,1551100+ mbps
Bright.Net North70,635110+ mbps
Skynet Communications69,6561100+ mbps
Del Nero Communications Management, LLC69,31610.7+ mbps
AccessMN68,8921100+ mbps
Cal-Ore Communications68,566210+ mbps
Odessa Office Equipment68,4791
HTS Wireless67,94010.7+ mbps
Ag Prospects67,4912100+ mbps
Netwitz Internet Services67,3991
Signa Wave67,3961
AirFiber67,162225+ mbps
Coppernet Systems66,89116.0+ mbps
Long Hammock Wireless66,61010.7+ mbps
Millhouse Electronics65,12010.7+ mbps
Outreach Internet64,5891100+ mbps
Encounter Wireless64,4152
Benton PUD64,37710.7+ mbps
Zeecon Wireless Internet63,96810.7+ mbps
SCT Broadband63,9161100+ mbps
Kentec Communications63,4542100+ mbps
Video Direct63,4041
BIT COMMUNICATIONS63,30226.0+ mbps
GRM Networks62,8932
Satnet62,88010.7+ mbps
Node1 Internet62,5722100+ mbps
Wigi Wireless61,86510.7+ mbps
Wescomm Wireless61,57810.7+ mbps
Vue Wireless60,8981
Spiral Communications60,8421100+ mbps
Casa Grande Internet60,7271
Peoples Wireless60,006125+ mbps
Palmer Wireless59,42910.7+ mbps
Performance PC57,55516.0+ mbps
TetCoBiz57,2101100+ mbps

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