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Fixed Wireless Broadband Providers in the USA

CG Communications Inc56,94616.0+ mbps
Innernet56,75616.0+ mbps
Lebanon Utilities56,6401100+ mbps
Leader Communications, LCC56,53216.0+ mbps
Info Link Wireless56,4461
Unwired Ltd55,7571
Intermax Networks55,4851
Minnesota WiFi54,9871
Great Lakes High Speed54,69410.7+ mbps
NU-Telecom54,13016.0+ mbps
Catapulsion53,7991100+ mbps
WireFree Communications53,48716.0+ mbps
Tincans Wireless Internet53,2081
Douglas Fast Net53,1131
Kingdom Telephone52,86511.5+ mbps
Shelby Broadband52,64093.0+ mbps
Weiss Internet52,2482
Aledo Broadband52,04916.0+ mbps
HiSpeed 4 U52,0061100+ mbps
Omni-Tech51,83916.0+ mbps
Legacy Internet51,5031
LR Communications50,80116.0+ mbps
B2X Online50,0911
Northern Valley Communications50,0772
Northern Skies Wireless49,9371
Firenet1.com48,92010.7+ mbps
NDemand48,27210.7+ mbps
QuickRelay Networks48,21910.7+ mbps
Martineer Wireless47,8721
Blu Sky Wireless47,7782
Btsskynet.net47,71910.7+ mbps
Prompt Technology47,6811
Bullitt Communications47,6221
Visionary Communications47,4583
RC Technologies47,4282100+ mbps
Celerity Broadband47,4181
NCATS47,2981100+ mbps
Cirrinity47,17110.7+ mbps
LocalTel Communications47,0691
Acadiana Wireless46,8981
AlignTec46,4251100+ mbps
River Canyon Wireless46,276125+ mbps
USA Choice Internet Services Company46,2461
Mission Valley Communications46,2071
Midwest First Inc45,12816.0+ mbps
Vaxeo Technologies44,7761
Mobilcom Pittsburg44,4581
Pend Oreille Valley Networks44,3422
Webb Wireless, LLC44,30216.0+ mbps
Eastern Oregon Telecom44,2272
New Source Broadband44,2221
Mountain Broadband Network and Communications44,1381100+ mbps
Geneseo Communications44,03916.0+ mbps
American Broadband44,01013.0+ mbps
Starnet Online Systems43,7271
Royell Communications43,5351100+ mbps
North West Net43,4181100+ mbps
K2 Communications LLC43,1011100+ mbps
Superior Inet42,7151
Woolstock Mutual Telephone42,649125+ mbps
Higher-Speed Internet42,60810.7+ mbps
Wavelinx42,28426.0+ mbps
Internet Nebraska Corporation42,2401
San Diego Broadband42,1911
DC Access42,1222
Cooperative Light & Power42,079210+ mbps
Premium Choice Broadband41,9971100+ mbps
Totelcom Communications41,8761
Night Owl Internet41,6731
JTM Broadband41,3991
Big Bend Telephone Company41,3491
M2 MachMedia41,2621100+ mbps
Bluebird Broadband Services41,2473
MediaNet Wireless40,90310.7+ mbps
Hinton CATV Company40,86313.0+ mbps
CnG Wireless40,83810.7+ mbps
Nemont Telephone Cooperative40,7222
Reach Broadband40,6581
Hamilton County Communications40,63410.7+ mbps
Echo Wireless Broadband40,4371
Zochnet40,37511.5+ mbps
Bluespan Wireless40,3281
Hillcountry Networks40,31610.7+ mbps
TEC40,09710.7+ mbps
Mosaic Telecom39,99311.5+ mbps
MCM Systems39,87310.7+ mbps
Cloud Alliance39,83616.0+ mbps
Crossroads Wifi39,7411
Eastern Shore Communications39,6722
Rainbow Communications39,65110.7+ mbps
South Central Communications39,5312

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