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Fixed Wireless Internet Providers

Enter your zip code below to find which Fixed Wireless providers offer service in your area.

Providers Offering Fixed Wireless Service

We've found 1577 providers offering Fixed Wireless service in the US. Below are stats on their coverage and speeds.

SAA bright.net47,096125 mbps
Totelcom Communications47,023140 mbps
Acadiana Wireless46,89810.768 mbps
Woolstock Mutual Telephone46,836120 mbps
LocalTel Communications46,3051100 mbps
USA Choice Internet Services Company46,24610.768 mbps
Mission Valley Communications46,20711.5 mbps
Royell Communications45,8411300 mbps
Backroads Broadband45,826110 mbps
Enhanced Telecommunications Corporation45,77614.0 mbps
Farmers Telecommunications Cooperative45,711150 mbps
Eastern Oregon Telecom45,476220 mbps
Midwest First Inc45,12816.0 mbps
Miles Wireless44,946175 mbps
South Valley Internet44,8671200 mbps
Vaxeo Technologies44,77611.5 mbps
A Better Wireless44,51211000 mbps
Mobilcom Wireless Telecom44,458120 mbps
Webb Wireless, LLC44,30216.0 mbps
Northern Valley Communications44,249125 mbps
Rural Texas Broadband44,1952100 mbps
Geneseo Communications44,03916.0 mbps
American Broadband44,01015.0 mbps
Starnet Online Systems43,72711.5 mbps
North West Net43,418110 mbps
Mountain West Telephone43,1171300 mbps
Verso Networks43,0221500 mbps
JTM Broadband42,834125 mbps
Superior Inet42,715120 mbps
Alamo Broadband42,693125 mbps
Higher-Speed Internet42,60813.0 mbps
Router12 Networks42,5812300 mbps
San Diego Broadband42,1911761 mbps
Cooperative Light & Power42,07927.0 mbps
Shawnee Communications41,88516.0 mbps
Big Bend Telephone Company41,349118 mbps
M2 MachMedia41,262110 mbps
Radio Wire41,149110 mbps
Point Broadband41,039450 mbps
XStream Services40,863125 mbps
CnG Wireless40,83813.0 mbps
Premium Choice Broadband40,7735100 mbps
Nemont Telephone Cooperative40,72221.5 mbps
Hamilton County Communications40,63413.0 mbps
Hillcountry Networks40,31613.0 mbps
Mosaic Telecom39,9931100 mbps
MCM Systems39,87313.0 mbps
Cloud Alliance39,83616.0 mbps
Jade Communications39,75211000 mbps
Crossroads Wifi39,74111.5 mbps
Rainbow Communications39,64016.0 mbps
Spiral Communications39,404250 mbps
Cyber Mesa Telecom39,2791100 mbps
Kingdom Connection39,06512.0 mbps
Hocking Internet Technologies38,99817.0 mbps
TCT38,86117.0 mbps
Indco38,4881120 mbps
Sylacauga Utilities Board38,38213.0 mbps
Valley Communications Association38,197225 mbps
USA Communications (Iowa)38,04611.5 mbps
Santel Communications Cooperative37,823150 mbps
Triad Wireless37,3553200 mbps
Sky Valley Network37,22215.0 mbps
LiteWire36,974230 mbps
Net Ops Communications36,859120 mbps
Ripflo Network36,58613.0 mbps
Kendallville Internet36,47813.0 mbps ,INC36,465110 mbps
Evertek36,437710 mbps
Sacred Wind Communications36,432125 mbps
Consolidated Communications36,387315 mbps
KNR Wireless36,3321500 mbps
Nodin WIFI36,16313.0 mbps
RTC36,078120 mbps
BluSky Wireless35,99616.0 mbps
SonicNet35,956225 mbps
SkyNet DataCom35,90813.0 mbps
Celerity Networks35,824240 mbps
Rural Connect35,7951100 mbps
KDSI Internet Services35,646125 mbps
Zirkel Wireless35,623130 mbps
Tularosa Communications35,574110 mbps
Jenco Wireless35,37113.0 mbps
OTELCO35,341130 mbps
Henderson Municipal Power & Light35,30811.0 mbps
Velociter Wireless35,2091120 mbps
Oregon Online35,02319.0 mbps
Lebanon Utilities34,962110 mbps
LARIAT.NET34,87711000 mbps
Com-Pair Services34,812110 mbps
Kayse Internet34,809110 mbps
Sebastian34,73011.5 mbps
IWVISP34,66310.768 mbps
Gorge Networks34,4782100 mbps
Dickey Rural Networks34,423120 mbps
Wind River Internet34,4061120 mbps
Chapel Communications Inc.34,31216.0 mbps
Rebeltec Communications34,249125 mbps
Kansas Broadband Internet33,698125 mbps