Fixed Wireless Internet Providers

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Providers Offering Fixed Wireless Service

We've found 1537 providers offering Fixed Wireless service in the US. Below are stats on their coverage and speeds.

LARIAT.NET34,87711000 mbps
ALTIUS Broadband34,868550 mbps
Com-Pair Services34,812110 mbps
Kayse Internet34,809110 mbps
Sebastian34,73011.5 mbps
IWVISP34,66310.768 mbps
Mountain Mesh34,482123 mbps
Dickey Rural Networks34,423120 mbps
Chapel Communications Inc.34,31216.0 mbps
Rebeltec Communications34,249125 mbps
DirectLink34,2361200 mbps
Celerity Networks34,191230 mbps
Wind River Internet34,08211000 mbps
Kansas Broadband Internet33,698125 mbps
Succeed.Net33,4841100 mbps
SouthWest Kansas Online33,40513.0 mbps
Freedom Broadband33,3322150 mbps
Blue Pulse Networks33,284140 mbps
CASSCOMM33,192110 mbps
Endless Journey Internet33,04413.0 mbps
TaosNet32,9371100 mbps
Anvil Communications32,86013.0 mbps
iWarp32,78411.5 mbps
Point Broadband32,4724300 mbps
Parallax Systems32,45911.0 mbps
Northwest Ohio Broadband32,449235 mbps
NKTelco Wireless32,4171300 mbps
Wireless Data Net32,409125 mbps
Hopkinsville Electric System32,03418.0 mbps
PTCI31,970212 mbps
Delta Link31,92611.5 mbps
Public Service Data Wireless31,87913.0 mbps
Cloudburst 931,875110 mbps
JB-Nets31,829250 mbps
State of the Art Communications31,81010.768 mbps
@AtLink31,7892500 mbps
East Texas Broadband31,28613.0 mbps
Hammer Fiber31,0871150 mbps
Kittitas Broadband30,6061100 mbps
Magnolia Road Internet Coop30,55913.0 mbps
Nikola Broadband30,54513.0 mbps
Summit Digital30,51616.0 mbps
Midco30,094225 mbps
Rochester Telephone Company30,0921100 mbps
Mile High Networks30,08311024 mbps
Logonix29,98413.0 mbps
Rochelle Municipal Utilities29,95113.0 mbps
Sun Tech Networks29,911125 mbps
KYWIFI29,86013.0 mbps
La Canada Wireless Association29,841120 mbps
PSC29,81423.0 mbps
Waldron Communication Company29,76924.0 mbps
Access Direct Communications29,76113.0 mbps
BlueBit Networks29,485150 mbps
Ispeed Wireless29,450110 mbps
Wes-Tex29,0701100 mbps
Vineyard Media29,03610.768 mbps
Giant Communications29,007125 mbps
JTN Communications28,892131 mbps
NetEase28,84513.0 mbps
XS Media28,81911000 mbps
City Wireless28,80717.0 mbps
GCI Internet28,461140 mbps
BTWI28,41113.0 mbps
EMC Connections28,322110 mbps
ShoreWaves Internet28,304125 mbps
ConnectPoint28,265110 mbps
DJK Link28,25616.0 mbps
JCWIFI27,847325 mbps
Iron Bay Computer and Design27,84013.0 mbps
NCKCN27,583150 mbps
SyncWave, LLC27,572110 mbps
Eastern Shore Communications27,365215 mbps
Fallsnet27,2711100 mbps
Project Mutual Telephone27,25611.5 mbps
DELCOM27,209210 mbps
Cedar Falls Municipal Communications Utility27,200128 mbps
Airosurf Communications27,150115 mbps
FastNet26,884315 mbps
WiMAX Express26,85413.0 mbps
SandyNet26,831110 mbps
Data Truck26,794110 mbps
Dark Horse Networks26,72711.5 mbps
Silver Star Communications26,689220 mbps
Northwest Communications26,434115 mbps
FTC26,10714.0 mbps
Phoenix Communications26,03610.768 mbps
Suncoast Broadband25,839110 mbps
HBE Internet25,82211.5 mbps
Fiberpipe Internet25,723110 mbps
TSC25,616110 mbps
Wtechlink25,434110 mbps
Coalfield connect25,411120 mbps
ConnectLink25,39616.0 mbps
Halo Fixed Wireless25,20913.0 mbps
Colorado Valley Communications25,20618.0 mbps
Collins Communications25,175125 mbps
Triangle Communications24,817110 mbps
Joink24,8052100 mbps

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