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Fixed Wireless Internet Providers

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Providers Offering Fixed Wireless Service

We've found 1576 providers offering Fixed Wireless service in the US. Below are stats on their coverage and speeds.

Good Connections23,17311.5 mbps
MISNet23,159141.5 mbps
Wikstrom Telephone Company23,13513.0 mbps
airHOP23,03213.0 mbps
Blueriver Networking Services22,910125 mbps
RiverStreet Networks22,88616.0 mbps
Pacific Lightwave22,860150 mbps
Premier Broadband22,609150 mbps
SBT Internet22,473150 mbps
MGW22,299150 mbps
NetPoint22,22813.0 mbps
Echo Wireless22,19613.0 mbps
Axiom Technologies22,087110 mbps
In the Stix Broadband21,857115 mbps
Winn Telecom21,771150 mbps
Wifinity21,713225 mbps
HPAZNET21,697110 mbps
NGL Connection21,646110 mbps
Portative Technologies21,625150 mbps
Mountain Broadband21,498110 mbps
NTInet21,418135 mbps
Monkeybrains21,292150 mbps
Aloha Broadband21,273130 mbps
Rural Broadband21,2452200 mbps
Mille Lacs Energy Cooperative21,22213.0 mbps
Vergennes Broadband21,217110 mbps
Lola Wireless21,17311000 mbps
rNetworks Wireless Broadband21,138125 mbps
Wilderness Wireless21,1252100 mbps
NfinityLink Communications, Inc.21,09311.5 mbps
Choice Broadband21,030120 mbps
Starnet21,015212 mbps
D&P Communications20,96328.0 mbps
Access Montana20,930112 mbps
Acentek20,892230 mbps
Maximum Broadband20,87216.0 mbps
GMN Broadband20,54723.0 mbps
New Era Broadband20,53816.0 mbps
Eastern Colorado Independent Networks20,351118 mbps
Yucca Telecom20,19814.0 mbps
Hallettsville Communications20,04112.0 mbps
Foundation Telecommunications19,97011.5 mbps
LakeNet19,957115 mbps
JackRabbit Wireless19,9271200 mbps
Multi-Path Networks19,884118 mbps
Northern Indiana Technologies19,84711.5 mbps
SandPrairie Wireless19,761350 mbps
QHP Internet LLC19,74713.0 mbps
BEH Communications19,72017.0 mbps
RWSI19,604160 mbps
Benton Communications19,51413.0 mbps
BWTelcom19,25416.0 mbps
Engineer Austin19,218130 mbps
Warwick Broadband Service19,21511.5 mbps
TXOL Internet19,18413.0 mbps
Mountain Top Telecom19,171210 mbps
Dnet Internet Services18,994120 mbps
Zoom Broadband18,984551 mbps
Netlive Networks18,9181100 mbps
Starwire Technologies18,90013.0 mbps
Northern Telephone and Data18,879125 mbps
USA Communications18,49815.0 mbps
Giant Communications18,1721200 mbps
BartNet IP18,165115 mbps
Mobius Communications Company18,164110 mbps
Kudu Systems18,12816.0 mbps
BreezeAir.net18,0251200 mbps
UUI Internet18,02416.0 mbps
Rising Wireless17,996125 mbps
Double Dog17,91111.5 mbps
Declaration Networks Group17,891330 mbps
Zulu Internet17,546241 mbps
Bradford Broadband17,522120 mbps
Minburn Communications17,513110 mbps
WLanJV17,4123100 mbps
CIS Wireless Broadband17,283112 mbps
Ultranet17,21528.0 mbps
Lismore Cooperative Telephone Company17,180120 mbps
GOCO Wireless17,15810.768 mbps
Red River Communications17,073225 mbps
Ken-Tenn Wireless17,034210 mbps
Skylink Wireless Internet16,910125 mbps
NEIT16,89829.0 mbps
The Community Agency (TCA)16,894125 mbps
Texas CellNet16,867150 mbps
Impulse Internet Services16,824115 mbps
Echo Wireless Broadband16,736151 mbps
Heart of Iowa Communications Cooperative16,636190 mbps
Skywave Wireless16,58214.0 mbps
Chatham Wireless16,542110 mbps
Peak WiFi16,483125 mbps
Mitec16,2632200 mbps
Heavenwire.net16,204215 mbps
EONI16,189166 mbps
XL Broadband16,1451102 mbps
Little Apple Technologies16,0991100 mbps
Jaguar Communications16,077135 mbps
Nextwave Wireless16,033125 mbps
Rowe Internet15,962125 mbps
Five Area Systems15,926110 mbps