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Fixed Wireless Internet Providers

Enter your zip code below to find which Fixed Wireless providers offer service in your area.

Providers Offering Fixed Wireless Service

We've found 1576 providers offering Fixed Wireless service in the US. Below are stats on their coverage and speeds.

AeroNet15,92523500 mbps
Mutual Telecommunications15,82715.0 mbps
Rock Island Communications15,756110 mbps
Viola Home Telephone15,74511.5 mbps
Horton TV and Electronics15,66711.5 mbps
Xtreme Internet15,5471100 mbps
Texoma Broadband15,417431 mbps
Firewire Internet15,40910.768 mbps
Polar Communications15,40415.0 mbps
Data Technology Internet Service Provider15,40011.5 mbps
Brazos WiFi15,3601100 mbps
Sooner Wireless15,322115 mbps
Speedwavz15,308115 mbps
Coleman County Telephone Cooperative15,30811.5 mbps
S&T Communications15,295110 mbps
CellularOne Airmax15,15036.0 mbps
All West Communications15,103250 mbps
WestPAnet15,00613.0 mbps
Clearnetworx14,94711000 mbps
Complete Computers14,78816.0 mbps
EPB Smartnet14,75411.5 mbps
MHTC14,750125 mbps
OregonFAST.net14,578110 mbps
Grand County Internet Services14,57316.0 mbps
Louisa Communications14,52818.0 mbps
AirNorth14,50516.0 mbps
Hyak14,490140 mbps
SEI Communications14,44823.0 mbps
SCT Broadband14,431225 mbps
Desertgate14,409120 mbps
Synkro Southwest14,37213.0 mbps
Communications Access Cooperative Holding Enterprise14,256120 mbps
IGL TeleConnect14,203212 mbps
Aptitude Internet Solutions14,148120 mbps
600Amps Internet Services14,1051100 mbps
Western Iowa Networks14,07911.0 mbps
High Speed Utah14,010150 mbps
Internet Colorado13,98411.5 mbps
KDS Networks13,9432300 mbps
Colorado Central Telecom13,892125 mbps
KV Wireless13,890135 mbps
TexasData13,8791100 mbps
BlountBroadband13,873125 mbps
Bluestreak13,86613.0 mbps
California Broadband Services13,841130 mbps
GBT Communications13,83716.0 mbps
Simply Cyber13,792125 mbps
Border to Border Communications13,790120 mbps
PDS Wireless13,73821000 mbps
CT Comm13,672110 mbps
Pine Telephone Company13,63514.0 mbps
Your Digital Partner13,57810.768 mbps
Tele-Page13,281110 mbps
Danville Telecom13,27016.0 mbps
MTC Communications13,27014.0 mbps
Mojave WiFi13,266112 mbps
Telesystems Services13,228130 mbps
Consolidated Telcom13,19424.0 mbps
Wireless Internet Services13,192150 mbps
Northwoods Connect13,175125 mbps
ACD.net13,05013.0 mbps
NeboNet13,0331100 mbps
Sharon Telephone Company13,02311.0 mbps
Pointe Wireless13,01013.0 mbps
Central Cellular/COTC Connections13,005120 mbps
WIConnect Wireless13,002120 mbps
NexGenAccess12,957150 mbps
Door County Broadband12,793125 mbps
BitWind Communications12,77011.5 mbps
WaveDirect12,633110 mbps
Tri State Internet12,6203300 mbps
Mahaska Communication Group12,581120 mbps
Redbird Internet Services12,561110 mbps
Country Road Networks12,446110 mbps
NetWireless Solutions12,38511.5 mbps
Green Hills Communications12,28015.0 mbps
Grand Mound Communications12,256218 mbps
Upward Access12,220120 mbps
DataBit Solutions12,20312.0 mbps
1 Touch Technology Solutions12,15211.5 mbps
Linxus Internet12,01611000 mbps
2Geton Net11,91612.0 mbps
Verona Networks11,6701100 mbps
PeoplesNet Wireless11,60313.0 mbps
Roggen Telephone Enterprises11,57018.0 mbps
Comporium Communications11,56216.0 mbps
Ozark Computers11,47411.5 mbps
Cavenet11,43813.0 mbps
MassiveMesh11,3752400 mbps
Cottage Grove Wifi11,36716.0 mbps
AirFiber WISP11,351150 mbps
Aerolink Networks11,290115 mbps
Warp211,287110 mbps
Advanced Wireless11,286210 mbps
Az AirNet11,2511100 mbps
SeaKay Broadband11,2001100 mbps
Black Mesa Wireless11,1931512 mbps
Wilson Creek Communications11,100127 mbps
LightBeam Internet11,035150 mbps
ConnectPoint10,928110 mbps