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Black Friday Deals

Frontier Communications Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2020 Deals

Get Black Friday Internet Service Deals for your new tech this holiday

It’s been a long year, but we’re somehow already approaching the holidays. That means Black Friday and Cyber Monday are almost here to kick off the festivities, so it’s time to set your sights on all the best discounts and deals from internet service providers (ISPs). Aside from discounts on clothes and other products, Black Friday is also a great time to save on your internet bill and equipment like your modem or router.

One ISP to keep an eye out for during the shopping holiday is Frontier Communications. Although it’s still early for the annual shopping deals to drop, we put together a helpful mini-guide on how to save with Frontier Communications this Black Friday season—and throughout the year.

Frontier Communications Black Friday and Blue Monday Savings

While Frontier has been tight-lipped about their Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, we predict that they’ll offer discounts on their internet plans for new and current customers. As many Americans work from home or attend online classes this year, the internet has been more fundamental in our everyday lives than ever. Be sure to bookmark Frontier’s website page to keep tabs on when they’ll officially announce their Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2020 deals!

An Overview of Frontier Communications Internet Service

Frontier Communications provides DSL service to 30.5 million people, making it the fifth-largest DSL residential provider in the U.S. On top of DSL internet, they also provide fiber service. With several internet plan options, customers can choose one that best fits the needs of their household. Frontier also doesn’t employ data caps, making their plans ideal for large households that heavily stream or download videos. Below, we list different standalone internet plans that Frontier currently offers so you’ll be equipped with knowledge on Black Friday discounts.

In addition to the $85 activation fee and monthly modem rental fee of $10, you’ll also need to pay a one-time $75 installation fee, a $3.99 per month internet infrastructure surcharge, and a one-time $9.99 equipment delivery fee. If you sign up for a fiber plan, be sure to read your contract thoroughly before canceling early, as you will most likely have to pay an early termination fee.

How to Save Year Round With Frontier Communications

Although the day after Thanksgiving sales may be a great ways to save on your internet plan, there are other ways to double down on savings all year. Now is a good time to take a closer look at your Frontier plan and see if you can negotiate your monthly bill. Here are other ways you can save with the ISP:

  • Buy your own modem: If you’d rather not rent your modem for $10 per month, you can purchase one instead. Just make sure that it’s compatible with Frontier’s services.
  • Cut the cord: If you find that you’re using Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon more often than cable TV, it may be cheaper for you to cancel your TV service and just pay for the streaming services.
  • Sign up for a bundle: Frontier’s bundles range from $37.99 to$114.98 per month, which are similar in pricing to its standalone internet plans except that you get the benefit of phone or TV service for less.
  • Switch to DSL: Frontier’s DSL plans are generally cheaper than their fiber plans and contract-free. If you know that you’re going to move within the time of a one or two year contract, opt for a DSL plan instead of fiber so you won’t have to pay the early termination fees.
  • Change speeds: Check to see if you really need the fastest speed available. If not, you may want to opt for a cheaper plan with slower speeds that will be enough to get you by.