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Contact Us About Rise Broadband Customer Service

Rise Broadband has three main departments for handling customer service inquiries — general customer care, technical support, and sales. For your convenience, we’ve listed all of the Rise Broadband customer support pages and phone numbers below. In order to cut down on your wait time, it is recommended to call the department that most corresponds to your inquiry. For example, if you would like to sign up for a new service or hear about current promotions, you should call the Rise Broadband sales department directly instead of going through their general customer care department.

You can also contact Rise Broadband customer service by using their online chat support. They have different chat rooms depending on the nature of your inquiry. You can choose between billing, sales, pc repair, enterprise, and small business chat rooms. Make sure to choose the correct department for your situation. In general, Rise Broadband chat support has shorter wait times than their customer support hotlines.

Rise Broadband Customer Service Phone Numbers

Department Phone Number
Rise Broadband Customer Service (844) 816-9149
Rise Broadband Sales Department (855) 275-9473
Rise Broadband Cancellation Department (844) 837-2262

Contact Rise Broadband Customer Service Departments

In this section, you will find all of the most important customer service contact information for Rise Broadband. Choose the correct number below that most corresponds to your needs and call Rise Broadband directly to speak with a company representative who can further assist you.

Rise Broadband Customer service phone number

(844) 816-9149

Call Rise Broadband at this number to speak with a representative from the company’s customer care department. This is the general customer support line where you can get information about your service or account. The agents on this line will be able to direct your call to the appropriate department no matter your needs. However, if you have troubleshooting questions, it is more efficient to call their tech support team directly instead.

Rise Broadband Sales Department

(855) 275-9473

If you would like to sign up for or get more information about a new Rise Broadband service, it is best to contact their sales team directly at this number. This will save you from having to wait on hold on the general customer service line. This is also the number to call if you are interested in learning what current promotions or specials exist.

Rise Broadband Cancellation Department phone number

(844) 837-2262

Calling this number will connect you with a HughesNet retention agent that can help you to cancel your service agreement, as well as let you know if any early termination fees will apply. If you are canceling because of the cost, it is likely they will also recommend alternative HughesNet plans or promotions that may better fit your needs and help you reduce your monthly bill.

Rise Broadband Store Contact Details by City

Store Name Phone Number Store Address Open Hours
Rise Broadband (844) 411-7473
262 Locust St, Sterling, IL 61081

Additional Contact Channels for Rise Broadband

Rise Broadband Customer Support Page

This is Rise Broadband’s primary customer service directory where you can find all of their customer support phone numbers and information about hours for the different departments. Also included on this page are links to their various customer support chat rooms, as well as a link to their frequently asked questions/help section.

Rise Customer Support

Rise Customer Service Chat

Rise Broadband’s customer support chat rooms allow you to speak with a company representative over text instead of calling in. The chat room agents will be able to answer all your account and service questions as well as provide technical support. Make sure to choose the chat room that is most related to the nature of your inquiry.

Rise Chat

Rise Broadband Social Media Channels

Rise Broadband Twitter Account

Follow the Rise Broadband account on Twitter to get the latest updates about their service. Most of their Tweets discuss their current promotions or recent company news. They also Tweet a lot about tech-related issues that they find interesting. Rise Broadband does not use Twitter as a customer service platform.


Rise Broadband Facebook Account

Rise Broadband uses their Facebook page to post promotional content, as well as tech news articles they find interesting. It is not recommended to try and get customer support through their Facebook page. You will have more success by contacting their customer service team directly using their online chat support or calling their support hotline.

Rise Facebook

Rise Broadband YouTube Account

Rise Broadband is currently not very active on YouTube. Their channel has a small handful of assorted promotional videos. You will find a few short customer video testimonials about Rise Broadband service, as well as one video tutorial about how to install their VoIP service in your home.

Rise YouTube

Frequently asked questions about Rise Broadband

  • Rise Internet Common Customer Questions

  • How does Rise Broadband work?

    Rise Broadband service is delivered through a wireless antenna that they install on the roof of your residence. It is a line-of-sight technology, meaning there needs to be a clear line of sight between your antenna and one of the Rise towers in order to get a signal.

  • Does Rise Broadband have a data cap?

    Rise Broadband Internet plans typically have a data cap. The specific data allowance depends on which plan you are currently on. Their higher speed plans generally come with higher data caps than the slower plans.

  • How much does Rise Broadband cost?

    Rise has a number of different plan options that vary in price. Your individual Rise Broadband cost depends primarily on which speed service you desire as well as your data needs.

  • Is Rise Broadband unlimited data?

    All plans currently offered by the company come with a data limit. At this time, there are no options for Rise Broadband unlimited data Internet plans.

  • Does Rise Broadband charge early termination fees of any kind?

    Most Rise Broadband plans require a contract. Early termination of your contract will typically result in some sort of fee. However, you will need to speak with a company representative to confirm one way or another.