T-Mobile Internet Plans and Pricing

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  • Chioma Azeh
May 27, 2021 | Published: May 27, 2021

T-Mobile Internet Plans and Pricing

T-Mobile has quickly risen as a major competitor in the mobile broadband and residential internet markets. Their plans are similar across the board, with data caps and monthly price being the main differences between each. Whether you’re looking for cell phone service or home internet, all T-Mobile plans are contract-free with no data caps.

T-Mobile Plans Monthly Price Plan Details
Unlimited Starts at $60 for one line Includes soft data caps on lower-tier plans
Prepaid Starts at $15 International roaming fees are applicable
Home Internet $60 No equipment fees

T-Mobile’s plan options seem slim until you realize each plan type includes a variety of plans available. Wireless shoppers have at least three mobile plans available — or four if you meet the criteria for one of their discounted plans. Those looking for home internet could use one of the unlimited wireless plans for a portable internet solution, or subscribe to T-Mobile Home Internet, which averages download speeds over 100 Mbps.

T-Mobile Internet-Only Plans

There are only two stand-alone internet plans with T-Mobile: T-Mobile Home Internet and Mobile Internet.

Plan Price Data Cap Speed
T-Mobile Home Internet $60 per month Unlimited data Minimum 25 Mbps
Mobile Internet $5-$50 per month 500 MB – 50 GB per month 5G

While both plans fit the budget for most users, T-Mobile Home Internet is best for those without access to traditional high-speed internet at home. Home Internet uses the same network as T-Mobile’s mobile plans, offering 5G speeds to residential internet users. Download speeds can exceed 100 Mbps; however, it’s not the fastest 5G home internet plan. Verizon 5G Home Internet offers nearly double the speed, but it’s not as available and more expensive than T-Mobile. Currently, the latter has the widest reaching 5G network and lowest-priced home internet plan. Just keep in mind the price advertised includes a $5 autopay discount. If you choose not to enroll in autopay, T-Mobile Home Internet will cost $65 per month.

T-Mobile’s Mobile Internet plan is a portable, prepaid internet option ideal for frequent travelers, students, and anyone needing internet access on the go without it eating up their data plan or phone battery. Mobile Internet has its own data cap, ranging up to 50 GB per month, and requires you purchase or bring your own device. And unlike Home Internet and their unlimited plans, you’ll need to pay for the equipment up front. All is not lost if you exceed your data cap — T-Mobile offers day passes with 500 MB of data for $5 in case you need more.

T-Mobile Cellular Plan Pricing

Cell phone plans are not as restricting as they once were — especially since the service started the “Un-carrier” movement, removing contracts and data caps, and offering more incentives to new and existing customers. Unlimited data on cellular plans are common now thanks to T-Mobile, making them a doable option if you’re in need of portable internet without paying for an extra data plan.

Plan Monthly Price per Line Data Cap Mobile Hotspot Data
Essentials – $60 for one line
– $90 for two to three lines
– $105 a month for four lines
– $120 for five lines
Unlimited data; 50 GB soft cap Unlimited 3G data
Magenta – $70 for one line
– $120 for two to three lines
– $140 for four lines
– $160 for five lines
Unlimited data; 100 GB soft cap 5 GB of 5G/LTE; Unlimited 3G data after
Magenta Max – $85 for one line
– $140 a month for two to three lines
– $170 for four lines
– $200 for five lines
Truly unlimited data 40 GB of 5G/LTE; Unlimited 3G data after

Common features among all T-Mobile unlimited plans are:

  • Free music and video streaming (which will not impact soft data cap)
  • Access to weekly deals via T-Mobile Tuesdays
  • VIP venue perks with Live Nation
  • Free international texting
  • Unlimited text, talk, and data in Mexico and Canada
  • Free access to 5G — no need to pay for 5G data access
  • Third line is free


The T-Mobile Essentials plan is the cheapest way to get unlimited talk, text, and data outside of a prepaid plan. Since it’s the starting tier, you miss out on perks such as having taxes and fees included in the advertised price, international data, and free Wi-Fi on flights. The big difference for some will be the hotspot data — 3G is able to offer speeds up to around 8 Mbps, which is enough for paying bills, completing/submitting an assignment, and even streaming in standard definition (SD). However, if you’re looking for an all-in-one plan that can offer hotspot data fast enough for more than one user, consider the Magenta or Magenta Max plan.


The perks offered with the Magenta plan make it worth buying if you’re a Netflix fan, frequent flyer, or you frequently depend on your phone as a mobile hotspot. The Magenta plan is where T-Mobile starts offering a free Netflix Basic plan (you can only watch through one device at a time), access to free texting on Gogo-enabled flights and an hour of Wi-Fi, and free 2G data in over 210 countries.

The mobile hotspot offers 5 GB of high-speed data which will make it easier to complete online tasks in a timely, less frustrating manner. LTE can offer speeds up to around 90 Mbps while 5G can go as high as 200 Mbps (and faster in some areas). Although the speed is great, 5 GB of data will only allow about 60 hours of browsing. Once you exceed 5 GB, your hotspot speed drops to 3G, and you’ll notice a significant decrease in speed.

Magenta Max

While it’s T-Mobile’s most expensive unlimited plan, it’s still the cheapest when compared to AT&T and Verizon. It arguably offers the best perks too, with features such as:

  • Free, unlimited texting and Wi-Fi on Gogo-enabled flights
  • Truly unlimited data (no soft caps)
  • Free Netflix Basic or Standard account (depending on how many lines you have)
  • Free international 2G data in 210+ countries
  • Unlimited 4K UHD streaming
  • 40 GB of high-speed hotspot data

The Magenta Max plan could provide home internet to most households when you realize music and video streaming won’t eat into your data cap. Sharing 40 GB of data is doable if that data is mostly used for light activities like online shopping and research. Video calls will eat up your cap but not if you use your phone or device rather than hotspot data. The only reason we recommend T-Mobile Home Internet as a better residential internet option is that there is no data cap.

Prepaid plans

While the data speeds and caps are similar for T-Mobile’s Prepaid plans, we only recommend them for those looking to get around credit checks. They offer three prepaid plans: Connect, Simply Prepaid, and Mobile Internet. (Scroll up to the Internet-Only section for details on the Mobile Internet plans.)


The T-Mobile Connect plan offers the smallest data caps and has the lowest prices among all their plans. With this plan, you get unlimited talk, text and with 2.5 or 5.5 GB of high-speed data and free Scam ID, Scam Block, and Caller ID (which typically cost $5-$10 a month for each add-on). The 2.5 GB plan costs $15 a month while the 5.5 GB costs $25 a month.

Simply Prepaid

T-Mobile’s Simply Prepaid plans are nearly identical to their unlimited plans. The biggest differences are higher prices and less freebies. The Unlimited and Unlimited Plus plans could provide a small household with internet access, but streaming can eat up your mobile hotspot data unlike the postpaid plans. Although you are required to pay for your device up front, T-Mobile offers a free smartphone for prepaid plans if you purchase a $150 Simply Prepaid service credit.

Plan Monthly Price per Line Data Cap Mobile Hotspot Data
10 GB – $40 for one line
– $70 for two lines
– $100 for three lines
– $130 for four lines
– $160 four five lines
10 GB Shared with data cap
Unlimited – $50 for one line
– $80 for two lines
– $110 for three lines
– $140 for four lines
– $170 for five lines
Unlimited data Unlimited 3G data after
Unlimited Plus – $65 for one line
– $90 a month for two lines
– $120 for three lines
– $150 for four lines
– $180 for five lines
Unlimited data 10 GB of 4G LTE; Unlimited 3G data after

T-Mobile Internet Equipment and Fees

T-Mobile doesn’t have equipment fees in the traditional sense. If you pay for your phones/devices up front, or if you sign up for the Home Internet plan, there are no equipment fees. The Home Internet plan is different from most residential internet plans since there are no monthly equipment fees or costs to have the gateway shipped to you.

The only plan where you’d pay for equipment monthly is the unlimited cell phone plans, but this is not required. The lease-to-own option requires a credit check and down payment for certain devices.

Installation and Activation

T-Mobile doesn’t charge an installation or activation fee for new services. Instead, new customers are charged a $10 or $30 SIM kit fee — the price varies depending on whether you activate your device on your own or with the help of a T-Mobile representative.

Home Internet customers are not charged the SIM kit fee as there is no SIM card necessary. There’s also no charge for installation since you will do it yourself — T-Mobile ships the gateway and necessary wires along with step-by-step instructions for no additional cost.