2021 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Internet Deals

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  • Chioma Azeh
Sep 16, 2021 | Published: Sep 16, 2021

This year, the top internet service providers (ISPs) aren’t holding back when it comes to offering exclusive Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. If you’re looking to switch ISPs or upgrade your plan for the extra goodies, set your sights on the potential bargains that will not only save you money but also serve as the perfect Christmas gift for the entire household. From bundles to gift cards, the sweet offers will pop up left and right once they’re officially announced.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Internet Service Deals

Most, if not all, ISPs have kept their lips sealed in regards to their upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. That won’t stop us from taking guesses based on previous years’ offers, though. We’ll continue to update this page and the respective ISPs’ pages on their deals as they reveal them.

AT&T Internet

While other ISPs celebrate Black Friday once a year, AT&T Internet takes it one step further by also offering one in July. In the past, their deals included a $100 AT&T gift card and $50 Fandango gift card when new and current customers bundled their internet and TV services. New customers received a $10 discount and free activation when they signed up for any of AT&T Internet’s plans.

As for Cyber Monday, when customers opted for bundles, the ISP offered $250 reward gift cards and electronic devices such as the Polk Command Bar and JBL Link 300 speaker as free extra goodies. The selection of exclusive freebies may change this year, so make sure to keep an eye out. Moral of the story: if you currently have a standalone internet plan, Black Friday and Cyber Monday might just give you the right excuse to bundle with TV services.


Signing up online for Spectrum during the Black Friday weekend might grant you a cheaper deal. Nothing is certain when it comes to the ISP’s previous and current Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, but expect them to blend together during the two major shopping days. Spectrum is known to include free equipment and activation services with their internet plans, so if anything, that’s a deal in itself.

As with other ISPs, Spectrum is hopping on the bandwagon for providing the most savings when customers choose to bundle. Currently, the best Triple Play bundle starts at $99.97 per month with speeds up to 200 Mbps, more than 10,000 On-Demand movies and TV shows, unlimited local and long-distance calling, and, most important of all, no contracts.


When you’re a new CenturyLink customer, you get a wide variety of bonuses during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. There’s no better time than the major shopping events to sign up and receive goodies like a $100 or $150 CenturyLink Prepaid Visa Card when you bundle your services or purchase two or more internet plans, respectively. What’s more, you receive $5 credit on your bill every month when you sign up for a two-year contract — that’s $60 worth of savings per year!

Aside from the exclusive freebies, CenturyLink offers no contracts, unlimited cloud DVR, a free Genie HD DVR upgrade, zero equipment fees, a free trial, and more as part of their bundle incentives. If you’re a DSL internet user, then the ISP is your go-to when shopping for savings during the holidays. Their promotional rates are some of the best we’ve seen, too.


As far as ISPs that don’t participate in the Black Friday and Cyber Monday festivities, Viasat is one of them. That’s not to say you can’t save money all-year round with the ISP, but it wouldn’t hurt to see big savings during the holiday season. For more bang for your buck, Viasat’s Unlimited plans boast unlimited data with the Unlimited Gold 30 offering higher download speeds of up to 30 Mbps.

As one of the leading satellite internet providers, Viasat isn’t the most affordable option but they do cover rural areas where other broadband types are difficult to reach. If you don’t mind slower speeds, the Liberty 12 is their cheapest internet plan starting at $50 with download speeds of up to 12 Mbps. Like other ISPs, Viasat offers discounts when you bundle your services.


Xfinity doesn’t shy away from Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so expect plenty of bonus rewards and steep discounts. Based on previous years’ deals, the ISP offered customers a $100 Prepaid Visa Card when they signed up for X1 services. Those who purchased bundles received a card that was worth $150-$200. Another bonus when customers bundled was lower promotional rates.

Aside from reward cards and discounted prices, Xfinity also docked the rates for their equipment. Routers, modems, TV boxes — all were fair game during Cyber Monday. You can expect the xFi, xFi Complete, X1, and X1 Flex to receive some sort of price markdown on the digital shopping event. Equipment rental fees don’t always come cheap, so the discount is as good as it gets!

Verizon High Speed Internet & Verizon Fios

Verizon High Speed Internet and Verizon Fios offer two different types of internet services: DSL and fiber, respectively. Verizon Fios is the major player during Black Friday and Cyber Monday while Verizon High Speed Internet takes a backseat. From what we found in previous years, customers who switched to Fios Home Internet & TV received a $100 Prepaid Visa card and Disney+ for free. Not only that, but they also got Samsung Galaxy buds if they didn’t want the Visa card.

Exclusive Cyber Monday deals for Verizon Fios included waiving the $99 setup fee when customers ordered online and adding $10 per month to the next phone or tablet when they tacked on a Verizon Wireless plan with their Fios plan. All the best deals for Verizon Fios happen on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so make sure to keep a close eye on what the ISP will bring this year!

Cox Communications

Cox Communications is another ISP that doesn’t have much history with offering Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. That might change this year, but for now, it’s best to take a look at some of their internet-only plans, which range from $29.99-$99.99 per month. Speeds are between 10-940 Mbps, so you have more legroom when it comes to choosing a plan that aligns with your price and speed requirements.

Other ways to save money with the cable internet provider is to opt for bundles, buy your own modem instead of renting, cut the cord, downgrade your speeds, and consider COVID-19 payment plans. We’re hoping Cox offers discounts for their internet service if they decide to join in on the holiday sales. If not, there are plenty of ways to rack up savings.

Frontier Communications

Likewise, Frontier Communications doesn’t offer Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Though we aren’t sure why, we’ve discovered ways in which you can save money if you’re a customer. Frontier offers DSL and fiber service, but we recommend the former if you can’t afford the latter. You don’t need the fastest internet speeds to enjoy online gaming or streaming. We also believe bundles offer the best savings, as you’re paying less for a combination of two or three services. If you’re not much of a cable TV viewer, cut the cord and only worry about your Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+ subscription!


As the other leading satellite internet provider, HughesNet is different in that they actually offer incentives for new customers during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. A $100 gift card, free installation, and an extra $100 gift card when customers bundled their internet service with DISH TV were some of the bonuses we found from previous years. Even if these deals aren’t available this year, you can still receive a $75 gift card just for signing up with HughesNet.

Cyber Monday deals are pretty much the same, except that the best deal is buying your own modem and router elsewhere. HughesNet charges $14.99 per month to lease or an upfront fee of $249.99 to buy a modem, router, and antenna. Avoid piling up your internet bill with equipment rental fees and nab cheaper ones at retailers.


RCN switches things up and has already started offering their Cyber Monday deals. We haven’t seen anything on their Black Friday deals, but we expect the shopping event after Turkey Day will get some love this year. RCN’s Internet Gig plans, including the double play and triple play ones, have a Cyber Monday promo code that you use during checkout. The Internet 1 Gig Double and Triple Play bundles are both $64.99 per month with a $100 gift card, a free DVR, free installation, and equipment included. The Internet 1 Gig standalone plan costs $49.99 per month and comes with a $50 gift card, free installation, and equipment included. Not a bad start!


Wait, T-Mobile has internet service? If that’s what you were wondering, the answer is yes, they have internet service when you sign up for their wireless plans. What’s more, they offer some of the best deals for smartphones and other electronic devices. When you join the trade-in program, you can get one of the following offers:

  • Discounted new smartphones
  • Buy one get one free on select smartphones
  • Buying an Apple watch for a discounted second watch
  • Buying a Samsung Galaxy watch for a free second watch
  • Free or discounted Samsung Galaxy Tablets

Their home internet, priced at $50 per month with AutoPay, is powered by their LTE network and has no data caps, no price hikes, no annual contracts, no hidden fees, and no hardware costs. We can’t say for certain that T-Mobile will decrease the rate or offer bonuses, but we think that’s a lot of freedom and less money to dish out!