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Email Request For Comments (RFC's)

Key early email RFC’s are listed below:

  • RFC 918; J.K. Reynolds;Post Office Protocol; October 1984.
  • RFC 1939; J. Myers, M. Rose; Post Office Protocol — Version 3; May 1996.
  • RFC 1957; R. Nelson; Some Observations on Implementations of the Post Office Protocol (POP3); R. Nelson; June 1996.
  • RFC 2060; M. Crispin; IMAP Version 4 Revision 1; December 1996.
  • RFC 2076; J. Palme; Common Internet Message Headers; February 1997.
  • RFC 2821; J. Klensin; Simple Mail Transfer Protocol; April 2001.
  • RFC 2822; P. Resnick; Internet Message Format; April 2001.

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