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Interesting Request For Comments (RFC's)

Request For Comments (RFC’s) >

The following RFC’s are a few of the many with historical or other particular interest:

  • RFC 1, Host Software, the first RFC written by Steve Crocker on April 7th, 1969.
  • RFC 1000, The Request For Comments Reference Guide, includes a description by Steve Crocker of the development of the Internet.
  • RFC 1118, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Internet.
  • RFC 1173, Responsibilities of host and Network Managers, A Summary of the Oral Tradition of the Internet.
  • RFC 1336, Who’s Who in the Internet, provides biographical info on several influential members of the Internet community.
  • RFC 1543, Instructions to RFC Authors.
  • RFC 1700, Assigned Numbers, historical values for IP protocol codes, TCP port numbers, and Telnet Option Codes.
  • RFC 1812, Requirements for IP Version 4 Routers, describes Internet network routing.
  • RFC 1983, Internet Users’ Glossary, definitions of Internet terms.
  • RFC 2223, Instructions to Authors, information on writing an RFC.
  • RFC 2700 and successors, Internet Official Protocol Standards, the current list of RFC’s describing Internet standards.

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