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How To Use Request For Comments (RFC's)

Request For Comments (RFC’s) >

Several sites store RFC’s in convenient hyperlinked web indexes, described below. Typically, these indexes enable you to enter an RFC number and retrieve a copy of the RFC. Some include keyword search, global listing, and other capabilities.

When RFC’s are updated they are given a new RFC number. The official RFC-Editor site includes old and new links in search engine listings. These links enable you to go backward and forward in time — you can read the earliest RFC’s on a subject, and then move forward to read the later RFC’s. Some RFC’s replace more than one predecessor and unify the documentation on a subject, and some RFC’s are replaced by several successors as a protocol breaks into two or more related technologies. You can follow these intertwining threads back and forth through the RFC tree.

Indexes. The authoritative RFC site is RFC-Editor.org. Some other good index sites are listed below:

Some early RFC’s are missing or exist only in scanned in form, such as RFC 007, RFC 008, RFC 009, RFC 011 and a few others.

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