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WHOIS Database

Whois databases enable you to search for information about the domain names, people, computers, organizations, and name servers involved with administering the Domain Name Service (DNS). A core set of this data constitutes a unified database view shared by all of the domain name registrars.

There is no known whois command that can be executed from Windows or Macintosh computers, rather; the whois database must be accessed from an online site. The main whois database for the top-level domains “.com”, “.net”, and “.org” can be searched through any of the following sites:

The following Whois databases can be searched for information on other areas of the Internet, including Asian, Caribbean, European, and Latin American countries, and the “.mil” and “.gov” domains:

Resources. The following references provide additional information about the Whois database specification:

  • RFC 3912; L. Daigle; WHOIS Protocol Specification; September 2004.

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