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Advanced Mailing Lists – Configuration

Advanced Mailing Lists – Configuration

You can greatly reduce your mailing list traffic with the “digest” command.

If you set the “digest” option for each list you join, you will only receive a single email consolidating all messages sent to the list in the last twenty-four hours. The default setting is usually to send you each email on the list as soon as they arrive at the list server throughout the day.

For lists of a particularly timely nature, you may prefer to receive each email in real-time, and not use the digest option. If you wish, you can also turn the digest option off and then back on at any time to get all of the current mail if you wish to see the traffic without waiting till the end of the day. See the page with digest configuration instructions in the Listserv, Listproc, and Majordomo sections.

Even when reducing the email traffic with the digest option, you may also wish to filter the list traffic into a separate folder so that your Inbox doesn’t get cluttered up.

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