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Majordomo Use – Subscribe

Majordomo Use – Subscribe

You join a Majordomo list with the subscribe command:

subscribe <listname>

Some lists send you an email after you subscribe asking you to confirm your subscription to ensure that it is really you asking to subscribe, and to confirm that your email address is reachable. Usually you can confirm the subscription by simply replying to the message and sending it back.

Some lists require the list owner or moderator to approve your subscription. If so, you will receive an email to that effect, and will have to wait until they review your subscription email and make a decision.

You can also subscribe a friend, or yourself at another address, to the list by appending an email address other than the one from which you send the subscribe command:

subscribe <listname> <emailaddress>

You should only subscribe someone else to a mailing list if you are sure that they will not mind — and you should ask them first.

Once you are subscribed you will receive an introductory message that you should save for future reference. If you lose this message you can get a copy with the intro command:

intro <listname>

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