We are happy to announce that Living Internet is now part of BroadbandNow! Read here to find out more.

LivingInternet.com is now part of BroadbandNow

On January 7, 2000 the first internet book (e-book) was published on LivingInternet.com by William Stewart, chronicling the early history and innovations of the Internet beginning in the 1940’s.

If you thought the Internet was invented with the World Wide Web, you’ll enjoy discovering the real story that involves the Cold War, the U.S. military and the innovators that built the technology that is the foundation of our modern communication.

We’re proud to announce that we are preserving this history in a new home at BroadbandNow, where the book remains free to read here. Enjoy the comprehensive coverage of innovations and inventions such as packet switching, MUDs, E-mail and more, sourced by dozens of interviews from interesting characters and pioneers, and research conducted over several decades.

Also, see this video interview with William Stewart about some of the early days of the internet, and the interesting people and events behind it.

Please enjoy!
The Team at BroadbandNow