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Web Request for Comments (RFC's)

Web related Request For Comments documents are listed below:

  • RFC 1630; Universal Resource Identifiers in WWW; T. Berners-Lee; June 1994.
  • RFC 1738; Uniform Resource Locators (URL); T. Berners-Lee, Masinter, M. McCahill; December 1994
  • RFC 1808; Relative Uniform Resource Locators; R. Fielding; June 1995.
  • RFC 1866; Hypertext Markup Language – 2.0; Tim Berners-Lee; November 1995.
  • RFC 2068; Hypertext Transfer Protocol; R. Fielding, J. Gettys, J. Mogul, H. Frystyk, T. Berners-Lee; January 1997.
  • RFC 2246; The TLS Protocol Version 1.0; T. Dierks, C. Allen; January 1999.
  • RFC 2396; Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI): Generic Syntax; T. Berners-Lee, R. Fielding, L. Masinter; August 1998.
  • RFC 2616; Hypertext Transfer Protocol — HTTP/1.1; R. Fielding, J. Gettys, J. Mogul, H. Frystyk, L. Masinter, P. Leach, T. Berners-Lee; June, 1999.
  • RFC 2817; Upgrading to TLS Within HTTP/1.1; R. Khare, S. Lawrence; May 2000.

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