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Who Are the FCC Commissioners and Where Do They Side on Net Neutrality?

The war over how to regulate the internet has a key problem: the process for creating regulation is so complex… Continue reading →

IP network digital visualization

Why Is the American Internet Empire Crumbling?

The colossal labyrinth of pulses and wires we refer to as “the Internet” is sort of like the jumble of… Continue reading →

Municipal Broadband Roadblocks

34 million Americans don’t have access to broadband Internet. In fact, 62 percent of those who can get broadband only… Continue reading →

Map of partisan divide in the USA.

Where the 2016 Candidates Stand on Broadband, Net Neutrality, and Internet Issues

Politicians have a well-earned reputation for misunderstanding the Internet. …So it’s no surprise that candidate stances on tech issues are… Continue reading →

Municipal Broadband Roadblocks

Disclaimer: this report has been updated. For updated information, please see our 2016 Municipal Broadband Report. According to FCC data… Continue reading →