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WISP tower and night sky.

WISPs Are The Real Heroes in Bridging The Digital Divide

As of 2018, industry records show that the “digital divide” leaves nearly a quarter of the US without wired broadband… Continue reading →

DSL vs Cable vs Fiber

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Bills used to pay for Internet.

How to Save Money on Your Internet and TV Bill

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How to Choose the Best Media Streaming Services and Devices

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Fiber optic line.

How to Determine Which Internet Plan Is Right for You

Getting a broadband connection to your house can be a frustrating process. Choosing an Internet plan used to be a… Continue reading →

Map of partisan divide in the USA.

Where the 2016 Candidates Stand on Broadband, Net Neutrality, and Internet Issues

Politicians have a well-earned reputation for misunderstanding the Internet. …So it’s no surprise that candidate stances on tech issues are… Continue reading →

What is Net Neutrality and why does it matter?

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How to Design a Supercharged Home Network

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How to Optimize your Home Network for Faster Speeds

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Renting vs Buying a Modem: What’s Best for Your Budget

If you have broadband, you’re probably renting a modem or modem/router combo from your provider. But is the money worth… Continue reading →