Overview of Ivacy VPN

Ivacy is a popular alternative to the larger VPNs on the market. What sets it apart from others in the VPN field is that it can support up to 10 devices simultaneously while most VPNs only support five to seven. They also offer free cloud storage to their subscribers.

In our overview of Ivacy’s VPN, we will discuss their best features, like the aforementioned device support capability, and other features like their number of servers across the world, their privacy policy, and the main feature they boast about: their streaming capability.

Best Features of Ivacy VPN

The differences between most VPNs are the number of servers they have on the global network, as well as the number of devices that can log onto that network. However, where Ivacy VPN shines is in having faster speeds than most competitors. They also also offer:

  • High-level encryption – Ivacy offers up to 256-Bit encryption to users, which makes penetrating the security next to impossible. Their encryption functions on protocols that include TCP, UDP, L2TP, IKEV, among others.
  • No-log policy – When you are online, your data is sold to third parties, making them aware of your online habits. This activity can target you for cookies, ads, and spam. Ivacy does not keep logs of your internet activity.
  • 24/7 customer support – If you ever need help troubleshooting matters when using Ivacy, the diligent customer support is always present to assist you via email and live chat.
  • Global network – Ivacy locations are spread far and wide across the globe, consisting of 3,500 servers in over 100-plus sites. You can check out the countries you can connect to below.
  • Multiple Device Login – Most VPNs will only allow a few devices to utilize the same account simultaneously. Through an Ivacy subscription, you can access protection on up to 10 devices at the same time. No need for logging in and out each time.
  • Split Tunneling – Speaking of multiple devices, split tunneling allows you to route some of your traffic through Ivacy, and some on the open network.
  • No Geo-restrictions – Certain websites and streaming channels are geo-restricted, preventing users from accessing desired content. Ivacy helps bypass limitations set by the areas you live in or other countries’ blackout restrictions.
  • Internet Kill Switch – This feature will immediately shut off your internet connection once it detects that your VPN connection has stopped. It helps ensure that you stay private at all times.
  • Money-back Guarantee – There is a 30-day, money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your subscription.
  • Wide compatibility – Ivacy is available on Apple, Windows, Android, Linux, and other devices as well as Smart TVs and routers.

How Does Ivacy VPN Work?

Internet service providers (ISPs) provide each computer user an address that can be tracked by the sites you visit. A shopping site knows who you are the second you pop on their page. The longer you scroll their site, the more info you leave behind; these are called cookies. This information can be used to target you with ads and even be sold to other companies. Ivacy works by encrypting your IP address and activity while online.

Ivacy also works with streaming services like Amazon, Disney Plus, and YouTube. With the anonymity of VPN services, you can have the ability to watch programming that is restricted to a local area. This can include local programming and even sporting events that would have blackouts to regional programming.

Privacy is everyone’s concern when surfing the web, and it is one thing that Ivacy takes seriously. They are headquartered in Singapore, which means they are not required to collect personal data on their customers as most companies do in the United States. All of your surfing activity is completely private with Ivacy VPN. Even if they received a request to submit records, they have none to turn over; they record nothing.

Since they’re headquartered in another country, your next concern may be speed. While most VPNs significantly slow down your connection speed, Ivacy’s network is one of the fastest, sometimes giving a boost to your upload speed. Ivacy has a large network of servers, which consists of 3,500 servers in over 100 locations across the globe. Europe holds the trophy for the most at 303 servers. Asia has 149, and North America has 129. The U.S. has 75. As mentioned earlier, these servers function on the highest 256-bit encryption with the fastest protocols.

North America (129 servers)

  • United States (75)
  • Canada (21)
  • Panama (10)
  • Costa Rica (12)
  • Mexico (23)

South America (79 servers)

  • Chile (20)
  • Brazil (18)
  • Peru (14)
  • Columbia (27)

Europe (303 servers)

  • United Kingdom (58)
  • Germany (29)
  • Netherlands (22)
  • Sweden (19)
  • Romania (5)
  • Switzerland (10)
  • Luxemburg (7)
  • France (9)
  • Italy (15)
  • Bulgaria (15)
  • Poland (12)
  • Czech Republic (20)
  • Belgium (11)
  • Denmark (5)
  • Norway (12)
  • Spain (5)
  • Latvia (25)
  • Ukraine (27)
  • Finland (7)
  • Austria (5)

Asia (149 servers)

  • Turkey (4)
  • Hong Kong (7)
  • Indonesia (29)
  • Taiwan (4)
  • South Korea (5)
  • Japan (6)
  • Jordan (11)
  • Philippines (15)
  • Brunei (7)
  • India (14)
  • United Arab Emirates (17)
  • Saudi Arabia (13)
  • Pakistan (19)
  • Russia (6)
  • Malaysia (8)
  • Singapore (8)

Oceania (44 servers)

  • Australia (23)
  • New Zealand (21)

Africa (62 servers)

  • South Africa (10)
  • Egypt (21)
  • Ghana (5)
  • Nigeria (4)
  • Seychelles (22)

Ivacy VPN Subscription and Pricing

Ivacy has a simple pricing structure. They have a monthly plan, a six-month plan, a two-year plan, and a five-year plan. Each has unlimited data, and the contract is paid in full at the start of the contract.

Contract Period Plan Cost Contract Plan Cost Trial Period
1 month $9.95 per month $9.95 per month 7-day
6 months $6.45 per month $38.94 per 6 months 30-day
2 years $2.45 per month $59 every 2 years 30-day
5 years $1.33 per month $80 every 5 years 30-day

Ivacy has one of the longest contracts in the game — at five years. It is worth noting that these subscriptions are contracts and are nonrefundable after the 30-day (seven-days on the one-month subscription) trial period. Yet, if you plan on having your VPN long-term and are happy with their service, you would save quite a bit of money by choosing an Ivacy five-year plan when you look at its cost per month.

Ivacy accepts multiple payment options, such as the standard credit card and PayPal, but also options like BitPay, WebMoney, NeoSurf, and CoinGate, to name a few.

Ivacy VPN Deals

Ivacy offers 87 percent off the standard monthly price for the five-year plan. While a long-contract is not preferable to most, the monthly cost is the cheapest available among VPN providers. You’ll be able to determine whether the plan is for you with Ivacy’s 30-day, money-back guarantee.

Another benefit that Ivacy offers subscribers is 2 TB of encrypted cloud storage space absolutely free with their subscription.

Ivacy also offers discounts to students and apprentices. There are two methods for receiving a 20 percent discount on your Ivacy VPN one-year and five-year plans: through third-party partners Student Beans and Youth Discount. Those ages 16-26 can also receive the 20 percent discount by signing up through Youth Discount.

Ivacy VPN Free Trial

Ivacy offers a 24-hour free trial. They also offer a seven-day trial for 99 cents. Both options have no restrictions, giving you full access to Ivacy’s features and security.

The Ivacy 30-day, money-back guarantee is available on all plans except for the one-month plan. During your trial period, you have full access to all the benefits of what Ivacy VPN has to offer its subscribers; there is no holding back or throttling. If you choose to keep your plan, you do nothing, and your service will continue. If you decide to cancel, it is a simple online form or chat process to cancel your service.

How to Cancel Ivacy VPN

If you need to cancel Ivacy VPN, it is fairly simple. Log in to your member area, select Support, click on Support Ticket, and then Create Ticket. Fill out the required fields and submit.

Since you pay your contract in full up front, you will continue to have service until the end of your contract period. Once that period is up, your service will discontinue, and you will not be billed again. It would be wise to double-check as you near the end of that contract period to ensure your service is set to be discontinued. There is no refund if you are in the middle of a contract.

Is Ivacy VPN Any Good?

As one of the lesser-known VPNs, Ivacy is a fast and reliable source for all your browsing and streaming needs. Ivacy sets the pace in some areas, such as being the first VPN to use “Split Tunnelling,” a feature most of the best VPNs offer to compete. Those with large families or a collection of devices will benefit from Ivacy since they offer the most simultaneous connections in the VPN space.