Norton VPN Pricing Plans

The Norton name has been readily recognized as an antivirus program. But did you know that they also offer a Virtual Private Network called Norton VPN? In fact, the main thing that sets Norton apart is they have the backing of their history as a computer security software company. This is great to know if you are already a Norton subscriber.

This review will go over Norton VPN’s best features and what programs work best within their platform. We will also take you through the plans and pricing they offer, offering guidelines on which plans may work best with your setup at home. Finally, we will show you the fine print, deals, discounts, and cancellation process.

Best Features of Norton VPN

Norton has both similarities and differences with other VPNs. For one, it is not as widely available as others are. It does have a few perks that give it an advantage over the others. Here are the best features of Norton VPN:

  • Available in over 30-plus countries – While it is not as widely available as many of its competitors, it does have some foreign availability. Its main downside is that its home base is stateside. We will get more into why this can be an issue later.
  • High-level encryption – Bank-grade AES-256-bit encryption. This gives you the assurance that your information is secure when you are online.
  • Strict no-logging policy – This is one of the main features of a VPN; having no logs of your browsing history protects your privacy.
  • Network Kill Switch – Should your VPN disconnect, your internet connection will drop. Unfortunately, this feature only works on the Windows platform and Android devices.
  • Unlimited data usage – There is never a threat of hitting a limit or throttling because you went over ‘usage limit’ for a given month.
  • Access on the go – In addition to home computer use, you can use Norton VPN on the go through mobile and laptop devices.
  • 60-day, money-back guarantee – While we’ve seen most companies offer a 30-day, money-back guarantee, Norton offers an additional 30 days for you to see that they are the best in the business.
  • 24/7 online, chat, or phone support – This is common in the VPN space, and Norton is no different. If you need them, they are there to assist you with what you need.
  • Antivirus and malware protection – This added protection is what Norton has been known for in the computer space for decades. They add this layer of security for VPN users as well.
  • Security software that scans incoming threats from your connection – This is part of the Norton extra security that goes beyond what normal VPNs offer.
  • Available on: Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS operating systems.

The biggest difference between Norton VPN and others is the security software. Norton has been known for security services since its conception. This alone would give someone looking for another layer of protection another reason to feel comfortable choosing a company known for internet security. If you already have a Norton product, this would be an added benefit to you.

One feature that is limited in Norton VPN is split tunneling. This feature allows a user to have the VPN enabled in one window while the user surfs the web through another non-VPN enabled window. As of now, users are only able to use this feature on Windows devices. Also, you may have noticed from our bullet list above that smart TVs and streaming devices are missing. This is not an oversight. Norton VPN does not yet support Smart TV or router applications.

How Does Norton VPN Work?

Norton is much like other VPNs of its kind. Once you have a subscription to Norton VPN and have downloaded it to your desktop, laptop, or other device, you can connect to it with just a click and a few minor setting questions. These will include your default connection location, whether you connect automatically, and setup alert warnings, in addition to other security settings we discussed earlier. Once you set up your preferences, security now is just a click away.

Using Norton VPN is fairly simple. You can begin by logging into the VPN, then connect to the internet as you normally would. You are protected because you are driving your connection through the VPN tunnel to the internet. No one but you can see where your internet traffic is going or what you are doing. Yes, your computer has a specific address, but the VPN hides this address and gives it another private one that only you know.

When you start streaming services such as Netflix, YouTube, and Disney Plus, this is where you begin to see differences. Most VPN service providers are headquartered in other countries. Norton is located within the United States. This means they are subject to the Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, and 14 Eyes cooperatives that are committed to sharing intelligence. This would immediately slam the brakes for any internet user. Yet, to Norton’s credit, they are still a no-log VPN provider. Even if they were ordered to hand over info, there wouldn’t be much information to hand over.

Some users have reported issues with connecting to some streaming services, such as Disney Plus, through Norton VPN. If you love your dose of Mickey or any of the Avengers movies, you are out of luck with Norton VPN. None of the server connections have been able to stream Disney Plus. The reason for this has to do with the geo-restrictions that are put in place. Some are more difficult to get around, especially with a stateside VPNs. Users also report that other streaming sites will require trying multiple server attempts to locate which country’s server will allow you to stream certain content.

Norton VPN Subscription and Pricing

Norton has two different contract periods, one month and annually. Within those contracts, they are separated by the number of devices you are planning to connect to your plan.

Contract Period One Device Five Devices Ten Devices Trial Period
1 month $4.99 per month $7.99 per month $9.99 per month 7-day
Annual $39.99 annually ($49.99 per year regular) $39.99 annually ($79.99 per year regular) “$59.99 annually
($99.99 per year regular)

Most VPNs are divided by the contract duration, and don’t consider how many devices you choose to connect to it. Norton VPN, however, elects to break their plans down by the connected device count. Their prices have an advantage, especially for the one-month option. They have two lower-end tiers for one and five devices. Bear in mind that most homes often will switch devices. A single user may use a phone and a laptop. Once you have more than one user, those numbers will continue to rise dramatically. Choose your plan wisely.

Norton VPN, as we mentioned, does have two lower monthly tiers. They also have two yearly subscriptions that match with competitiveness in price. The major difference when you hop over to the yearly plan is the trial-look period. It is double what most VPN companies offer—60 days. Bear in mind that while the intro price is attractive, it will increase after the year is up. It is not a major increase; it is comparable to the top names in the VPN space but it could be sticker shock if you are not prepared for it.

Norton VPN Deals

The biggest deal Norton offers is their trial-look period, which is 60-days. They offer Norton VPN as part of a package deal across the board for their security packages. In fact, most of what Norton VPN is about IS in itself an upgrade to their existing packages. A subscriber’s biggest discount comes with signing up for a yearly plan. You receive a 40 percent discount on the annual price for the first year. Students get a discount on Norton VPN’s stand-alone of $50 off your first year.

Norton’s VPN is typically an add-on to their extensive security network. They have a plethora of other security software. If you are using another security method for your computer, it may be worthwhile to shop their security platform, Norton 360, which includes Norton VPN, to see if it will be a price worthwhile to you.

Norton VPN Free Trial

As mentioned, Norton VPN has a 60-day, money back guarantee. This means you can use their service without any restrictions, and if you do not like it for any reason, you can cancel your subscription, and you will not be billed for the next month. Keep in mind that most of the time, these types of guarantees come with the restriction that you must purchase the subscription through the website itself and not a third-party app. Other than that, you have full access to Norton VPN services with no limitations.

How to Cancel Norton VPN

If you search on their website for “Cancel Subscription,” you’re going to have a difficult time finding it. It seems like they don’t want to lose your business. I had a difficult time finding it. It is best to go to the customer support main page and type in “Cancel Subscription.” The information I received said that you should “log in to your account and go to your My Subscriptions tab and cancel there or call customer support to cancel.” Even the FAQ page suggests calling customer support for faster service.

The biggest reason for canceling with a provider is the perception that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. Be wary of this. Always look at the fine print. What is on the other side of the company’s introductory rate? Yes, their price is better than your rate now, but what does the price look like after those introductory rates increase? That should be one of the deciding factors that make up your mind on whether to jump that fence.

As for fees, there are no fees to cancel Norton VPN. If you are in the middle of a contract, you just forfeit any balance left under your contract.

Is Norton VPN Any Good?

Norton has pretty much been around since there has been the internet. It was the first antivirus software available to the consumer. Being the first, you can understand that they only endeavored to get better as time went on. They were also among the first to identify and fix the Y2K bug. They have always been ready to tackle the upcoming changes in technology.

They built upon this with Security Software in the early 2000s. Norton VPN partnered with another large security software company, LifeLock in 2019. This brought together the triple whammy of Norton Security, LifeLock, and Norton VPN. With this, you can understand what we meant when we said that Norton VPN is really not meant as a stand-alone, but rather as part of a security package. While it works great on its own, it does have a few flaws, like the inability to stream certain programming like Disney Plus and the inability to function on smart TVs. If these functions are a must-have for your VPN needs, then you may want to consider another VPN for your home.