T-Mobile 5G Home Internet Availability Map

T-Mobile 5G Home Internet Availability Map. Click for interactive map

T-Mobile 5G Home Internet Pricing

Plan Name Download Speeds Starting Price Data Cap How to Order
T-Mobile 5G Home Internet 33-182 Mbps $50 per month (with AutoPay) Unlimited Data Order Online

T-Mobile 5G Home Internet is a fixed wireless service powered by T-Mobile’s 5G network. It has quickly emerged as a major competitor in the residential internet market, especially as T-Mobile continues to expand 5G coverage in rural areas. T-Mobile prides itself on the simplicity of its 5G Home Internet service – one plan for one price.

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What You Need to Know About T-Mobile 5G Home Internet

Pros Cons
  • Unlimited data
  • No contract
  • Equipment included
  • Plug-and-play installation
  • Fluctuating speeds
  • Lacks traditional bundle options

T-Mobile 5G Home Internet simplifies your home internet access and all the costs associated with it. You won’t have to worry about early termination fees, installation fees, or data overage fees while you’re a T-Mobile 5G Home Internet user.


T-Mobile 5G Home Internet offers users download speeds ranging from 33 Mbps to 182 Mbps, depending on their location, time of day, signal strength, and availability. While these download speeds are generally faster than satellite or DSL connections, cable and fiber-optic networks are capable of much higher speeds. That said, T-Mobile 5G Home Internet’s speeds are more than enough for everyday internet use such as streaming Netflix and taking Zoom calls.

Data Caps

T-Mobile 5G Home Internet only offers one plan that comes comes with unlimited data. Users won’t encounter soft or hard data caps that will lead to throttled speeds.


T-Mobile 5G Home Internet installation doesn’t require a professional technician. Because users can set up the service on their own by plugging in the 5G Wi-Fi gateway device (modem-router combo), they don’t have to pay any installation fees.

Customer Service

You can reach T-Mobile’s 5G Home Internet support team through the T-Mobile app or by phone for 24-hour assistance. You can also find several at-home troubleshooting and support guides on T-Mobile’s website.

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Frequently Asked Questions About T-Mobile 5G Home Internet

  • How fast is T-Mobile 5G Home Internet?

    T-Mobile 5G Home Internet offers download speeds ranging from 33 Mbps to 182 Mbps.

  • How does T-Mobile 5G Home Internet compare to other network types?

    T-Mobile 5G Home Internet is capable of download speeds faster than satellite, fixed wireless, and DSL providers. However, hardwired connections like cable or fiber produce higher speeds.

  • Will T-Mobile 5G Home Internet throttle my internet speeds?

    T-Mobile 5G Home Internet plans come with unlimited data, so users shouldn’t encounter any throttling.

  • Can I stream my favorite content on T-Mobile 5G Home Internet?

    Yes, you can stream online content with T-Mobile 5G Home Internet. Sign-up perks often include free trials of streaming services.

  • Can I move with my T-Mobile 5G Home Internet plan?

    As long as you move to another area with T-Mobile’s 5G Home Internet coverage, your T-Mobile 5G Home Internet plan can move with you.