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T-Mobile Availability

T-Mobile is one of the largest cellular carriers operating in the United States, offering service across a large swath of the U.S. As of April 1, 2020, T-Mobile completed its long-awaited merger with Sprint and enhanced its network capacity more than tenfold. As a result, T-Mobile expanded its 4G LTE service to 99 percent of the country and claims 80 percent of the population has access to its 5G network — with the latter figure set to increase substantially in the near future.

The company offers traditional wireless service as well as a variety of mobile broadband solutions. While the company is best known for its “Un-carrier” movement, you can expect to find the same range of hardware you’d see from the other major cellular carriers. These include the latest iPhone and Android devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy.

T-Mobile’s Plans and Pricing

T-Mobile offers six basic plan types: three unlimited plans and three prepaid plans. The unlimited and prepaid plans are extremely similar as both offer unlimited talk, text, and data. The difference lies in the soft data cap placed on each plan type, as well as the cost and extra features included per plan.

T-Mobile’s Unlimited Plans

Plan Price per Line Data Cap Mobile Hotspot Data
Essentials – $60 per month for 1 line
– $90 per month for 2-3 lines
– $105 per month for 4 lines
– $120 per month for 5 lines
Unlimited data; 50 GB soft cap Unlimited 3G data
Magenta – $70 per month for 1 line
– $120 per month for 2-3 lines
– $140 per month for 4 lines
– $160 per month for 5 lines
Unlimited data; 100 GB soft cap 5 GB of 5G/LTE; Unlimited 3G data after
Magenta Max – $85 per month for 1 line
– $140 per month for 2-3 lines
– $170 per month for 4 lines
– $200 per month for 5 lines
Truly unlimited data 40 GB of 5G/LTE; Unlimited 3G data after

Common features among all T-Mobile unlimited plans include:

  • Free music and video streaming (which will not impact soft data cap)
  • Access to weekly deals via T-Mobile Tuesdays
  • VIP venue perks with Live Nation
  • Free international texting
  • Unlimited text, talk, and data in Mexico and Canada
  • Free access to 5G — no need to pay for 5G data access
  • Third line is free

T-Mobile frequently runs special promotional deals and bundles for both new and existing customers. Visit our T-Mobile deals page to find out which deals are offered this month and who’s eligible for them.

T-Mobile Prepaid Plans

While the data speeds and caps are similar to T-Mobile’s unlimited plans, we only recommend the prepaid plans for those looking to get around credit checks. They offer three prepaid plans: Connect, Simply Prepaid, and Mobile Internet.

  • T-Mobile connect — Introduced in 2020, T-Mobile Connect offers unlimited talk and text with 2.5 or 5.5 GB of data per month. It’s the provider’s lowest-priced prepaid plan, with prices starting at $15 per month or $25 a month if you opt for the 5.5 GB data cap.
  • Simply Prepaid — Under this title, T-Mobile offers three plans: 10 GB, Unlimited, and Unlimited Plus. The unlimited prepaid plans have a smaller soft cap (50 GB per month) compared to the postpaid unlimited plans. You also miss out on a free Netflix account and free international texting and calling.
  • Mobile Internet plans are also available prepaid as stand-alone plans if you only need portable internet. These plans offer up to 50 GB data for up to $50 per month.

To get a better understanding of what each plan offers, their costs, and who it’s best for, read our T-Mobile Plans and Pricing page. As previously mentioned, 5G is available with all T-Mobile plans, depending on location, at no additional cost to you.

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T-Mobile Network and Broadband Services Explained

T-Mobile’s mobile broadband services extend to stand-alone devices such as tablets and hotspots, and they are also available as add-ons to your cellular data plan. This allows you to tether your smartphone’s data connection in order to share it with your other devices. The company’s mobile broadband uses a mix of its existing 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE network, along with its newly released 5G network.

Residential broadband service is also available through T-Mobile Home Internet, a new service offering customers access to 5G speeds at home. Access to this service is limited, with availability only in areas where T-Mobile offers this speed. However, T-Mobile’s 5G coverage area is the largest of any of the providers, and it’s continuing to grow.

T-Mobile 5G

T-Mobile has substantial 5G coverage in all 50 states. By building such a strong 5G network in most cities and rural areas, T-Mobile hopes to replace traditional broadband providers for both individuals and businesses.

In terms of speed, T-Mobile promises speeds up to 20 percent faster than its current 4G networks. When compared with the speed offered by its two major competitors in the 5G rollout, T-Mobile still comes out on top. According to reports in April 2021, T-Mobile recorded download speeds of 71.3 Mbps compared to 54.9 Mbps (AT&T) and 47.7 Mbps (Verizon). These speeds are expected to increase further as all three carriers improve their respective networks with more broad spectrum technology.

The best part about T-Mobile’s 5G rollout is that it is already available to new and existing T-Mobile customers — at no additional cost. As long as you have a 5G-compatible device and a T-Mobile data plan, you will automatically have access to the provider’s 5G network. Currently, 5G mobile-ready devices include some of the latest offerings from Apple, Samsung and Motorola.

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