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The Largest Database of Broadband Providers Nationwide

We've spent years, collecting and analyzing internet provider's availability to make the most accurate zip code search available.

The system behind BroadbandNow analyzes more than 243,800,000 rows of governmental and proprietary data before showing you results specific to your area.

While we could bore you with the fancy algorithms and equations that power our site, just know one thing:

We're obsessed with creating the best broadband search tool ever.

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How It Works:

1. Search

Enter your zip code to search our databases of 3,919 providers and see all the providers that offer service in your area.

2. Compare Plans

Compare plans across all of the internet providers in your area to find the one that fits your needs. (We have over 5,300 active plans in our database)

3. Setup Service

Call and schedule an appointment for service to be connected.

Then sit back and relax knowing you made an informed decision.

How We're Different:

1.) Every Internet Provider, BIG & small.

Because of our obsession with having the best data, we're able to show you internet providers in your area that some "locals" may not know about.

Now compare that to how most comparison sites work... they only show you the ones they are paid to show you.

We think this practice is deceitful so we don't do it. If you've got options, you should know about them, so we'll always show you every provider in your zip code.

Fun Fact: Our data is so accurate that in-house staff from major providers use our site daily to find their own coverage area.

2.) We Find Hidden Fees For You

We hate hidden fees and fine print as much, if not more, than you do.

That us why each day our data team is manually combing through providers websites reading the fine print and looking for hidden fees.

So far we've collected over 6,800 plans and we've seen every trick in the book for hiding fees, that is why on each plans we're quick to point out:

  • Contract length
  • Early termination fees
  • Monthly equipment costs
  • Setup/activation fees
  • Data Caps
  • And More

(Yes, we read a lot of fine print. No it doesn’t ever get better.)

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3.) Real Customer Ratings

Did you know most comparison websites pay people to "review" their internet provider?

You can't trust those reviews.

At BroadbandNow, we pride ourselves on showing 100% real reviews and ratings from users we know are currently using the service they are reviewing.

This is why our ratings are labeled "IP Verified." Because only customers who are coming from an IP address a provider owns, can review that provider.

By collecting ratings and reviews this way, we are showing 100% unbiased and un-manipulated ratings from REAL users.

IP Verified Reviews

Broadband In the US:

The economics don't lie.

Broadband penetration is a key metric driving today's economy, yet as of 2013, the US is ranked #16 in the world for broadband connectivity and leaves over 38.1 million million Americans underserved.

Unfortunately this means finding good broadband can be serious challenge for many customers, and in our opinion that is unacceptable.

Internet Service Providers by State

Interactive SVG Map showing the number of providers in each state.

Who's Behind This?

In 2012, two long time friends, Duane Anderson and Nick Reese, came together to build a simple solution for finding broadband in rural areas.

Fast forward and while BroadbandNow has developed into something larger than either of them could have imagined, our mission is still the same.

We want to simplify the broadband shopping experience while bringing more transparency to the millions of consumers who don't have real competition when it comes to broadband.