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Broadband (Really) Matters

The economics don't lie.

Broadband penetration is a key metric driving today's economy, yet as of 2013, the US is ranked #16 in the world for broadband connectivity and leaves over 39 million Americans underserved.

Unfortunately this means finding good broadband can be serious challenge for many customers, and in our opinion that is unacceptable.

That's why we've created Broadband Now. Our goal is to support the spread of broadband nationwide and to help bring attention to the need for reliable broadband in under served areas.

Learn more about our mission and the importance of broadband technology.

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Authoritative Data

We crunch the data for you.

To provide you with accurate and useful results in your zip code, the system behind BroadbandNow analyzes more than 184,000,000 data rows of governmental and proprietary data before showing you results specific to your area.

In addition the system aggregates customer reviews and experiences to bring you the biggest and easiest to use database of Internet providers in the United States. Enter your zip code above to find all the providers in your area.

Crunching millions of rows of data isn't an easy task, but we think it is a worthwhile one. You can learn more about our data.

To learn more about BroadbandNow and what we stand for check out our mission page.

Broadband Facts and Stats

Helping you make better decisions about broadband.

Provider Breakdown

Every broadband provider in the USA.

In the United States there are 3,473 companies offering broadband service breaking down to:

Who's Behind This?

Just two guys that want to make broadband search easier.

After years of wishing for an easier way to find good internet service for their friends and family, Duane Anderson and Nick Reese set out to build a simple solution.

Originally started as a side project, Broadband Now has developed into something they could have never imagined. Read more →