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Below you will find the best triple play offers, TV and internet bundles, and internet only deals available for XFINITY from Comcast.

XFINITY from Comcast


40%40% Customer Rating

40.4% recommendation rating according to 127,156 verified XFINITY users.



The deals listed below include TV, Internet, and Phone service. Generally XFINITY from Comcast offers the best promotions and discounts on these plans.

$89.99/mo for Starter XF Triple Play

  • 200 mbps ↓ and 10 mbps
  • Digital Starter TV
  • Home Phone XFINITY® Voice Unlimited
  • 2-year promo rate.
  • Contract Term: 2 years
  • Some areas have a 1TB data cap.
  • Setup: $0 (Free standard shipping of self-install kit. Standard professional installation is $89.99. Voice activation fee included.)
  • Modem w/ WiFi: $10/mo

TV & Internet Bundles

The bundles listed below include TV + Internet access and can be a good value if you want traditional TV service.

$39.99/mo for INTERNET PLUS

  • 25 mbps ↓ and 5.0 mbps
  • Limited Basic Service
  • 1-year promo rate.
  • Some areas have a 1TB data cap. Internet Plus increases to $64.99 for months 13-24.
  • Setup: $0 (Free professional installation.)
  • Modem w/ WiFi: $10/mo

Internet Only Plans

If you are considering an internet-only plan, be sure to compare with the bundle deals above. Sometimes XFINITY offers TV or Phone service for just a few dollars more than stand-alone internet.

$29.99/mo for 25 mbps

  • 25 mbps ↓ and 5.0 mbps
  • 1-year promo rate. Regular rate is $74.95.
  • some areas have a 1TB data cap
  • Modem w/ WiFi: $10/mo

$49.95/mo for 10 mbps

  • 10 mbps ↓ and 2.0 mbps
  • some areas have a 1TB data cap
  • Modem w/ WiFi: $10/mo

$69.99/mo for 400 mbps

  • 400 mbps ↓ and 10 mbps
  • 1-year promo rate. Regular rate is $99.95.
  • some areas have a 1TB data cap
  • Modem w/ WiFi: $10/mo

We've noticed that XFINITY's plans vary by region, so be sure to verify pricing and plan terms with them before ordering service as all plans or promotions may not be available in all areas or to all customers and can expire at any time. Last updated on 11/21/2017.

XFINITY Overview

XFINITY by Comcast is the largest cable internet provider in the US. They use a hybrid fiber-coaxial network to deliver internet, TV, home security, and home phone services. On this page you'll find XFINITY's latest deals and promotions along with consumer reviews and actionable advice on how to choose the best deal for your needs.

How to Choose Between XFINITY Plans

When comparing different plans from XFINITY we recommend consumers keep 3 key things in mind before signing up for service.

1) What Services Will You Use

When comparing different promotions from XFINITY the easiest way to save money on your bill is to only buy the services you need. We know that sounds incredibly obvious, but XFINITY is known for running promotions and deals that make it appealing to bundle multiple services together.

This may push some customers who are on the fence about including TV or home phone with their plan over the edge and order services that they won't use over the long run.

This is especially true with home phone as many younger generations are moving towards using only their cell phones.

Sure the promotion may be great, but after taxes and other regulatory fees home phone service can really add up to a noticeable difference in your monthly bill.

In short, choose the deal that includes the services you'll use, not the ones you think you'll use.

2) Contract or No Contract

This is a big one. From time to time XFINITY runs promotional deals that require a contract. Pay close attention to this if you are renting an apartment or are planning to move within the next 1-2 years because if you sign a contract and you want to cancel your service, you'll be stuck paying an early termination fee (ETF) as a part of your service.

If you are in a situation where you don't know if you'll be living you're generally best to buy services unbundled or individually.

3) Ask Questions to Understand the Promotional Price vs "Final" Price

Once you've decided on the deal that is right for you call XFINITY and talk with their agent to setup service. This gives you time to ask questions with a real human instead of using online chat where you'll get canned responses.

During this conversation make sure you understand what the final price you will be paying is.

Depending on what plan you choose and if you've added additional equipment like routers or TV boxes this price can be a bit higher than the promotional price.

Similarly make sure you know what price you'll be paying after the promotional period has ended. This is often hard to find on providers websites but sales agents can usually tell you the price ahead of time.

User Ratings and Reviews of XFINITY

There are few internet service providers that consumers unanimously love and unfortunately XFINITY (formerly known as Comcast) is not at the top of that list.

To date, we've surveyed 127,156 IP verified XFINITY users to ask them if they would recommend XFINITY to a friend and our results show that 40.4% said that they would.

The Technology That Powers XFINITY: Fiber Coaxial Hybrid Network

Most XFINITY installations are delivered via a hybrid fiber network. While XFINITY is rolling out true fiber-to-the-home networks in some areas coverage is still minimal. Essentially this type of network runs a fiber optic connection close to the final destination, then finishes the "last mile" of the network with coaxial cable. In many instances their hybrid fiber network may be the fastest service that is available for many consumers.

XFINITY Availability

XFINITY by Comcast has large availability across 109.5 million people in 40 states including California, Florida, Illinois, and 37 other states. That said, if you are in doubt use the search box at the top of this page or reference our  XFINITY availability map.

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